My 1-Shot FM Idea

FM 1-Shots

17 Players

Town Reloader
Town Reloader
11 Town 1-Shots

Mafia Reloader
3 Mafia 1-Shots

There are a total of 25 1-Shots in this Setup!

1-Shot Poisoner
1-Shot Expert Doctor
1-Shot Paranoid Gun Owner
1-Shot Commuter
1-Shot Vigilante
1-Shot Roleblocker
1-Shot Alignment Cop
1-Shot Rolestopper
1-Shot Day Role Cop
1-Shot Watcher
1-Shot Tracker
1-Shot Gladiator
1-Shot Gravekeeper
1-Shot Bus Driver
1-Shot Redirector
1-Shot Jailkeeper
1-Shot Bulletproof
1-Shot Lie Detector
1-Shot Arsonist
1-Shot Babysitter
1-Shot Huntsman
1-Shot Vanillalizer
1-Shot Day Vigilante
1-Shot Scout
1-Shot Gun Dealer

Extra Information:

Arsonist doesn’t need any shots to ignite.

Each Mafia 1-Shot May Choose to Re-roll their role. They can only do this each once per game.

Mafia cannot have a duplicate of the same role.

Day Vigilante Must publicly shoot someone.

The Gun Dealer Roles Ability is During the night you choose a player and that player receives a gun to shoot publicly the following day and just shoot it the following day or loses the gun.

The Expert Doctor has the abilities of both the Doctor, Firefighter and Poison/Day Doctor.

Roleblocker can choose to Roleblock during the day or the night but not both with the 1 Shot.

Bulletproof can also be used during the day to stop Day Kills such as Poison or a Vigilante Shot.

The Scout

If your target attacks someone the attacked player will receive night immunity for that night and if your target was attacked the attacker will be roleblocked the following night.

Reloader’s Give their target an extra 1-Shot.

(Please give Feedback)

why did I expect that you actually have someone to review it?

Can they do it whenever they want??

first glance says not enough possible disruptives for d1 massclaim to not be busted by burning all of scum utility

most roles seem like they’re much higher utility to town than scum

i don’t think the setup is really balanced unless all roles are put at similar power levels for both alignments

Also Mafia Vigilante with the Reloader


mad17 but worse

Setup isn’t entirely egregious at a first glance but it has all the problems that mad17 has but even more like, power power.

The problem is that as mist said, a lot of roles are more useful for one faction than they are for the other

You can also get a ton of broken combinations, like the Mafia Vigilante or Arsonist, or on Town’s side, the Lie Detector (which basically ends up like a Day Cop in practice)

High power rng setups bad

No this is at the start of the game before Day 1 starts.

does this require a reloader to douse -> prime or is priming not an action

What’s Prime?


I mean it says so right here


imagine reading OPs


are reloaders infinite use

From the looks of it, yes

I do feel this in general is a super town sided setup as most of the PRs stand to help town way more the mafia.

Also the fact a mafia reloader and mafia 1-shot big actually doesn’t break the game enough in mafias favor shots this fact.

Game would be D1 Mass claim and Lie Detector as a day cop if randed.

So how can I Balance this?

I mean it’d probably have to have a power level more similar to matrix setups to be considered really “balanced”

so like

gut a lot of the roles and replace it with VTs

you can say “VTs are boring” but like is it realistically more fun to be like a tracker vs. a vt.

rolemadness games are never really going to be “balanced”

fun is another question