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and yes anything.


Favorite fruit

Strawberries, easily.

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Favorite movie


What’s a popular opinion you hold, an unpopular opinion you hold, and an uncontroversial opinion you hold?

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Tie between Inception and Momento.

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Good man

what is your opinion on arete asking for two very lame opinions?

it’s unfortunate but predictable and i cannot think of any tenable long-term solution currently.

what’s something you’ve realized about yourself in the past year?

what’s something “harmless” about you that you’ve nonetheless never told anyone?

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Is this pfp from blacklist?

I like this question

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Of course

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Popular: No matter what anyone thinks about his ties to the Church of Scientology, it’s undeniable that Tom Cruise is a fantastic actor.

Unpopular: The mainstream DNC and mainstream RNC are cahoots with wall street, silicon valley, the media establishment, the military industrial complex, the intelligence industrial complex, and big pharma, which is terrifying.

Uncontroversial: The USPS is great and it should be saved.


Music box chimes petrify me.

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I’ve faced really serious mental health problems for my entire life that have only really manifested themselves while i’ve been taking rigorous coursework, which has only been the case for about two years of my entire life.

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what’s an incorrect assumption most people make about you? whats a correct assumption most people make about you?

Incorrect: I love theoretical physics
Correct: I love incredible, unexpectable twists in fiction

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