N.1 AMA version 2.0

Arete is by far the person I trust most on this planet right now so although it took some time to think, it’s fine.

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what is the question you were hoping to be asked?

I didn’t have anything particular in mind.

Oh damn thats a good question

N if you could be friends with anyone, who woukd you pick?

what’s something you wish I knew about you?

i’d pick my friend from elementary school hebrew school who moved to north carolina b/c his dad got an executive position at Epic Games soon after we both were bar mitzvah’d

he was by far the best IRL friend i ever had and I still miss him

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god this is tough
first i have to figure out what im pretty sure you don’t already know about me

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let me get back to you on that

can you flag this as spam I need one more


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False flagging is punishable

It’s not false tho