Neutral class: bill gates

goal: reduce the population to 3 or less people (including yourself) by the end of the game

passive: billions of dollars: as long as you havent run out of uses of any of your abilities, you will be death immune

day ability: vaccinate: target player will be healed at night for the next 2 nights. on the third they will die (3 uses)

day ability: microchip: target player will be microchipped, telling you who they visit for the rest of the game (inf uses)

night ability: kill switch: kill target player with a microchip (2 uses)

night ability: reduce emissions: reduce emissions by throwing target into a pit with no food at the bottom. they wont be able to make accusations of treason the following day (4 uses)

Why on earth would Bill Gates be a Class in a social deduction game about Medieval Politics!?

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reptiles have been around since the beginning of man


This is so beautiful

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damn now it’s obvious he’s trolling

the reason it was previously so effective was because you couldn’t quite establish whether he was trolling or if he genuinely thought the classes would be good for the game

while i am joking with the title of bill gates i do think a class with these abilities but renamed would be good