Neutral class: caliph

so i played some other game about medieval times and apparently back then they had muslims and muslims follower a guy called the caliph. so i thought in a medieval game it would be cool to add the caliph

goal: be alive at end of game, and all winning players should be converted
passive abilities:

haram - cannot be occupied

day abilities
sharia - 1 use. force an execution on the target player who is on trial. to other players it will seem like just enough people voted execute in order to execute them
hadj (1 use) - tonight you will leave the castle. you will be immune to attack and healed of bleeding, but cant do any night ability

night abilties
send preacher (infinite) - send a preacher to target player converting them to islam. if they were occupied by someone else they cant be converted. occupies them. members of the cult/unseen cant be converted this way, but if you convert the mastermind/cult leader then the evil faction will all become muslim

jihad (3 uses) - attacks against target player will bypass death immunity tonight.

u like it idea? im try not be controversial on it

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Ah yes
Let’s associate the law of Islam with forced execution
Let’s also associate a religious symbol of Islam with jihadi terrorists
This is definitely a great idea and not going to offend a large group of people


Can we add this class to the Grande Idea thread?

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This is not a good idea but I’d find it absolutely hilarious if xblade suddenly announced NEW MUSLIM FACTION OUT NOW

Like you have these outlandish fictional factions like the Blue Dragon and The Unseen next to Islam and I find that so funny


same I also thought Islam just materialized into the modern world in a single night

im actually crying, this is the most unintentionally funny suggestion i’ve ever seen for any game, for so many reasons


It manages not only to be tone-deaf and religiously intolerant, but also non-functional and broken.

Like. How does this work? Will random innocent votes show up as guilty votes? Will it be different for each player who votes guilty and who does not?

So it’s a third evil faction, which already saps on BD, with no max members, can coexist but overrules the other factions, and can convert every night? That’s broken.

What happens when the Caliph dies, anyway? Is everyone converted back to their original alignment? Do they continue?

No it’s definitely intentional
But it’s absolutely hilarious I agree

I’m genuinely confused at how someone has managed to think of a jihadi bomber class

it will be random yes for switching votes.
the conversion to muslim only matters for the caliphs victory, not for anyone else’s victory

i also added the hadj (where the pious muslims go on pilgrimage) and the haram (where pious muslims abstain from bad stuff) so it balances out. this is a game about death and murder, the inquisitor is also religious and can kill

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i knew muslims existed since the ancient times, but they dont follow a caliph anymore but in the medieval times they did follow a caliph

im thinking for jihad not of modern terrorist, but of medieval people who were warriors

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