Neutral class: pope

the pope needs order restored to the kingdom, he wants the game to end within 7 turns. if it doesnt then there will be an outbreak of protestantism. the pope cannot be in the same game as the caliph.

passive: gout - the pope will die if the game isnt over in time for victory from obesity/syphilis

day: excommunicate (3) - target player cannot speak to other players or see what they say for the remainder of the day, can only communicate through whispers. anyone who whispers to an excommunicated person will also become excommunicated

day: call crusade (2) - target player will lose death immunity the following night, if they have it. all non-bd classes with the ability to kill we be informed of this.

night: heresy trial (2) - the following day, after bodies are revealed there will be a trial of the target, before normal voting. if they are executed, the court will still be able to execute someone else.

night: call swiss guards) (2) - you will be death immune tonight, and will attack the target

Hey so uhh how does the pope die from obesity after 7 days again?

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This feels unnecessary. Why would a class that needs the game to end early want to blot out communication and make solving harder? If BD solves early, the game ends early.

This mostly just affects evil classes, furthermore those who have kill power, which also feels counterintuitive. Meh

This is a hard no as it allows for a second execution with the target decided by a neutral. Which basically means the BD can utterly melt through their suspicious people, which is very, very strong.

And also two kills. This neut can get a total of 4 people killed on its own. That’s crazy. And also means he swings the game super rapidly towards the side he isn’t melting through.

Neutral Class: Jesus Christ

Jesus needs to cleanse every living player of sin before the game ends or he’ll die on a cross in the post game

Passive: Probably based - Jesus is immune to occupies and redirection.
Passive 2: Raptor Mount - Due to Jesus’ best friend and raptor companion, he cannot be killed. So don’t even try, heathen.

Day: Save - Jesus removes the sin from 2 players. If that player votes to execute a member of the blue dragon or kills a member of the blue dragon they will have sinned again.

Night: Wine time - Occupy a player.

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0/10 class
Passive where if they are dead, they revive themselves from the dead after 3 days is missing

They can’t die, they have a raptor
have you tried lynching someone with a pet raptor?

Also can we make this part canon


Did it stutter

He will die of both obesity and syphilis

So I searched up what Sphlysis is… and now I’m even more confused

Wait you didn’t know what syphilis was

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What you expect me to pay attention in class

this is a medici pope, they had concubines and were fat

this is good