Neutral class: royal guard

the royal guard is loyal to the starting king, having the same victory conditions as him. However, he does not know what the kings victory conditions are at the start of the game.

passive: loyal lowborn: if the starting king was neutral and dies, you will kill yourself. you cannot whisper to the king. if the king dies, you cannot step forward to become the next king.

passive: secret tunnels: you can see the prisoner’s/prince’s conversation at night, though you will not know who the prisoner is (their name will be shown as “prisoner”)

day: off with his head (1) - target player who is accusing the king will immediately die in front of everyone else, and everyone will be informed you are the royal guard.

day: torture (2) - you and the king will immediately be informed of target player’s class, unless they are death immune, in which case only you will be informed that they are death immune (reaper is shown as death immune only if he has no souls left)

night: crossbow (1) - attack target character. if they are the prince, princess, or duchess, the attack will not go through.

night: intimidate (2) - target player will not be able to speak the following day, except as whispers to the king.


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Also are we gonna ignore how this class has THREE different confirms