Neutral class: The Harbinger

Goal: on day 1, you will prophesize (be told) the time of death for all other players (ex: player 1 die day 3, player 2 die night 6, etc.) You win if, before your death, x of these prophecies are true (I am not sure what the amount should be)

passive 1: Calendar of doom: 2 nights of death immunity. After successfully completing your goal, gain 10 gold for every other player whos prophecy is also fulfilled, and lose death immunity

Day ability 1: Align (3 uses): select target player. For the next 3 days, if they vote execute on a player who was not prophesized to die that day, you will have the option to kill them. Their body will be a husk for the rest of the day (like the reaper effect), and they will be revealed dead at the end of the following night. The death will count for your goal if they were meant to die that day or the following night. If they have death immunity, you will instead remove their death immunity. If they kill a player at night who was not prophesied to die that night, yuo will have the option to kill them at the start of the next day in the same manner. target will not be informed you used this ability on them unless you remove their death immunity.

day ability 2: Ward off death (3 uses): target player will have death immunity the following night. the king will be unable to to force execute on them (if they try they will instead force pardon them). if they are executed by the court or prince, regain a use of this ability. target is not informed when this ability is used on them.

night ability 1: fulfill prophecy (2 uses): kill target player who is prophesized to die tonight.

night ability 2: guarantee prophecy: (infinite uses): occupy anyone who attempts to kill target player that is not prophesized to die tonight.

Maid compatibility: incompatible with anyone who is prophesized to die that night or the next day, compatible with everyone else.

commentary: A neutral that will probably want to hide their class from blue dragon, but perhaps not. I tried to give them abilities that cannot confirm who they are, though there are ways to confirm through killing people.

Interesting concept. In your opinion, what does this role add to the game?

1: interesting to play I hope
2: A neutral who is generally anti bd, so players will be more likely to say ‘neuts out’ (less d1 alch claims)
3: a potential claim for evil factions, if bd is neut friendly (same way people claim scorned)
4: less alchs (since there are so few neutrals, alch is in almost everyone of my games). of course this can be achieved by any neutral class suggestion which isnt killer.

Thing i forgot to put in original post: class type is offensive.

Generally, town already says neuts out.

Probably not a good claim, unfortunately, due to the Maid compatibility.

Alchemist spawns 50% of the time more or less, because either an alch or physician is forced to spawn in every game.

  1. in all my games recently (about 20), BD has been neut friendly. At least, never “hang the neuts,” and this was with almost every time a d1 alch or merc claim.

  2. its not meant to be perfect claim, maid can disrupt it. so to claim it you should kill the maid.

  3. I have had games with a physician and an alchemist same time, i am pretty sure.

i’m pretty sure chrono can take the guaranteed healer spot so phys/alch aren’t required

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yeah i’ve had games with 3 chronos and no alch/phys

…needless to say, all 3 chronos got voted out

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