Neutral Social: Demagogue

Goal: survive

Passive 1: immune to death nights 1 and 2
Passive 2: if you die, all your followers will immediately die as well.
Night ability 1: (3 uses) turn target player into a follower. their win condition is adjusted so that they only win if you live, in addition to any other win condition they already have. this effects persists even if they die before you. they will not be informed of this effect
Night ability 2: (2 uses) redirect any visits to you tonight to a follower of your choice. players attempting to visit you will not be informed they were redirected.

if you have idea what to call the abilities please tell me. or even a class renaming.

positive effects on gameplay:
-make less VFC, since then demagogue can single out important BD who will need to divert resources to protect him (such as the prince and physician)
-add interesting depth to the game, as a psuedo-third faction arises. even makes cooperation between BD and cult/unseen possible since they might both be followers of demagogue (though they ultimately cant win together)
-an interesting claim for non-demagogue to make, since he cant be confirmed.

Oh no


and it’s a survivor

I am being reminded of times from whence oneiromancer has haunted me

I feel like this class is… super impactful but really easy to kill…

Like any occupy immune killer can just sorta yeet this dude out the window

And if you do kill it

It causes an oneirobomb

Also being able to convert literally anything is…

Too impactful for a Neutral class…

Neutrals can have impacts but not too this much of an extent

Also it’s not unique… :eyes:


Two oneirobombs

Oh no

Now add this into regal lions Amelia or we riot

death arsonist survivor

bottom text

Be inq

Find and stab last heathen n3

Some guy clicked a button that night and you lose anyways

neutral killer. neutral killer has huge impact.

i meant to make it unique.

convert a physician. have the physician heal you.

convert a knight. have the knight guard you.

convert the prince. have the prince jail you.