Neutral Special - The Magician

The Magician

The Magician :star:

Neutral Special
Can only spawn when 3 or more player being Magic Original classes appear (Court Wizard, Sorcerer, Alchemist)

+Magic Source: You will know when Magic Original visited you. Additionally, immune to Occupy only, and Occupier won’t know you are immune!
+Hat Trick: If you die at night, you will make 1 random Magic Original die instead of you, bypass death immunity. Disabled when this ability successfully killed Magic Original.

Day abilities:
+Card Trick: Occupy everyone visit you tonight. [1 Use]
+Full Moon Night: Know who was targetted by Magic Ability at the end of tonight. [3 Use]
-Magic Abilities: CW/Sage/Ritualist Swap, CW Intensify, both of Alch and Sorc abilities.

Night abilities:
+Hypnosis: Occupy the target player. If they are Magic Original, they won’t know and receive fake feedback. [Unlimited Use]
+Magic Stare: If you are targetted by Magic Abilities tonight, kill the user. Guarantee Death. Work even if they are occupied. [2 Use]

Win conditions:
You win when all Magic Original is dead.

Forgot to say, if Sorc using Missile when being occ’d by this girl, Sorc will receive “You know something was off…”

P/s: after 14 months of being offline lol

inquisitor is already bad enough and you want another? despicable

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Yus, but this one is more Neutral

also i don’t think the alchemist uses magic
are potions magic

They technically not using Magic
But only CW and Sorc made her being a threat to BD

And Inq is bad cuz 3 Heretics most likely BD, might be even strong BD


Not another magician

sorc is already the weakest NK
i don’t think this nerf to sorc is useful

This girl can fake Butler pretty good
But if another Butler/Drunk visit u, u doomed
Seem balanced to me

Sorry for keep saying she
But I kinda wang a female class