New Keywords and References suggestion (QoL)

Basically, the Current use of Keywords, while decent, should be expanded a bit. Here is my suggestions:

New Keywords

  • Investigate - Refers to Abilities that are used to gather information about the target. Does not imply any specific mechanics by itself but can have special interactions. Used by: Maid, Observer, Princess, Sheriff, Paladin, Duchess (bat eyelashes), Handmaiden, Marshal, Mastermind (foresight), Nightwatch, Seeker, Starting Evil King (Allies), Inquisitor, Pretender. Referenced by: Frame keyword, Tailor Keyword (more on that)
  • Tailor - Makes a player appear as a member of the Blue Dragon to Investigative abilities. Used by: Mastermind (In the Shadows), Duchess (Dark Wisp), Timesnatcher (Dark Dimension), Ritualist (Brotherhood). Not referenced.

New Keyword References

  • Defend (Knight): Current - “Defend target player, trading your life to kill their attackers. You and anyone you kill, will be unhealable” -> New - “Defend target player. If anyone tries to Attack them you and any attackers will die. Any deaths caused this way bypass death immunity and are unhealable”

Note: Current wording implies you will be unhealible even if the target is not attacked, since the ability does not contain a conditional statement anywhere.

  • Reap (Reaper): Current - *unhealable, Reap target player, Killing them and leaving behind an empty body for 1 day" -> New - “Attack target player with an unhealable strike. If successful you will Reap their soul, acquiring it and leaving behind an empty body for 1 day”

Note: Current wording implies that Reap is not an attack and does not specify that you gain a soul by using the ability (while it is implied, it’s important enough to be spelled out explicitly).

Will add to this as I come up with anything else.

Frame - Makes a player appear as a member of the Evils to Investigative abilities.

Frame is already a keyword.

Sorry I don’t think I’ve ever heard this as a keyword and I don’t think it would stick. How about “Deframe” or “Conceal”?

Sure whatever. It just needs to be defined.