New NK idea: The Blackmailer

Role: The Blackmailer
Slot: NK
Role type: Spacial/killer depends on balancing

The Blackmailer is a role that uses a slower approach to the game, it lacks abilities for mass killings like Sorcerer and Reaper, but makes up for it, by blending in deeper into the court than any other NK.


Undying determination - Your list for power gives you the resolve to survive most attacks, you are Death Immune

Day Abilities:

Background check - Choose a player, you will gain his role and logs when the night starts. (3 uses)

Blackmail - Choose a player that you previously, that player will not be able to talk or use abilities for the rest of the day, instead you will be able to talk for them (and use their abilities?) (2 uses)

Night Abilities:

Dirty Work - Attack a player (if target is killed, the ability goes on cooldown for 1 night).

Deadly Threat - Choose a player that is not part of the Cultseen and is not Prince, that player will receive your name, number, role (and logs?), and his win condition will change to "Live to see the Blackmailed win the game.
Your convert will keep his role and abilities, but will no longer be able to win with his previous win condition.
You will be able to converse at night. (like Cultseen chat)
(1 - 2 uses depends on balancing, if the ability has 2 uses, it can only be used again after the first ally has been killed).

I think this role will make the game far slower and more interesting, players will get much more time, since the NK only kills 1 player in 2 nights, but he will also have an ally (which could a killer himself, or an heavily trusted BD member like mystic), that will keep him confirmed and allot harder to find.

Right now finding the Mafia can be intriguing, where you would sometimes find roles like Servant or Alcoholic, based on their behavior or night actions, but NKs usually remain pretty simple, while a veteran in the game would be able to fake advanced claims with NK, majority of NKs rely on the good ol’ Knight claim (which always gets them killed instantly), so instead, this is an NK, that can practically claim anything, since there is an ally who would confirm anything, and the only way to find him, would either be by finding that there are 2 players who side together too closely, or finding the actions of one of them too odd.

Problem; how do you kill?

Slowly, 1 attack every 2 nights.

I’ma be a hard vote for “no” on being alive but literally unable to play the game, personally

Reaper’s Chill works similarly

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What happens if they are? Keep in mind as you answer that this is a 1-2 shot ability.

Drop the “Live” part of that. NK win is hard enough even with a single use of convert. Also add a clause for them dying if you do.

Def not using abilities. He already has a convert and a rolecop ability. He doesn’t need to also be able to steal day abilities.

Thats literally how Reaper Chill works.
Its a NK, it needs powerful abilities

I had in my mind that if the ability fails, it gets refunded, just like poss jump

This role is allot more powerful than the average NK, and probably needs some balancing, but I believe that the NKs of now needs a massive buff regardless.

Edit: remember that this NK, can only attack once in 2 nights, so while his other abilities are stronger than all the other NKs, his killing power is the lowest, in the games that this NK will be in, the BD will know that this NK is inside the match from very early, and will have much more time to search for him than the other NKs

Short of a Physician telling them, probably not. His attack method is indistinguishable from poss or sorc, and less kills has too many explainations to be a givaway.

Also I almost forgot to mention. But he needs a method of Surviving:

Knights, Hunter Bears and Bleeding. As well as preferably (but optionally) having some method around visit checking.

That[quote=“NuclearBurrito, post:9, topic:80255”]
Also I almost forgot to mention. But he needs a method of Surviving:

Well, the current design is way too powerful for the game, so currently, he has no immunities.

The immunities exist to reduce Swing. Having a disproportionately strong NK that dies to bleeds and knights is more problematic than a disproportionately strong NK that doesn’t die to bleeds and knights.

Obviously there is a limit to how much Swing can be reduced. For example there isn’t really any getting around the NK being lynched D2 without something a bit TOO drastic. But there are ways to make these things better.

For example:

Have the converted player turn into another Blackmailer when you die. Thus bleeds still hurt you but don’t completely eliminate you for the same reason as the Unseen/Cult.

That is a great idea, I think that another ability needs to be removed or nerfed, to decrease the power level, if this is implemented.

Counterbalancing is fine.

One thing you should do is make the convert fail on ANY convert immune player. Not just prince.

This means neuts, but also means players like Hunter or anyone effected by the CW’s clear mind ability.


So why the heck would we take an ability that already actively makes the game meaningless for a player, buff it, and increase the chance someone has that ability in any given game by 17% :stuck_out_tongue:

We could absolutely come up with a large variety of other powers for NKs that have significantly less overlap and also don’t actively prevent a player from actually playing the game, and we should strive to do so whenever possible