New, optional profile field: "Gender Pronoun"

He is a cool dude!

“:Ahem: She’s a she!”

She caught the Pikachu~

“I prefer going by him!”

Ever feel bad using the wrong pronoun? Now, you don’t have to! Feel safe by optionally letting others know your preferred pronoun.


This will appear as an optional field when:

  • Registering
  • Visiting your profile
  • Within your “profile card” (clicking your name/avatar to preview your profile)

Suggested by @Marshal - good idea!


Can you enter whatever you want? I can already see someone putting “Apache Attack Helicopter”.

If you want to be an Apache Attack Helicopter, you do that. Although I wouldn’t get upset if “meta” pronouns will cause folks to fallback to a more-common one eheh.


Hey he finally suggested it

Only took him a month and a half

I’m now officially a “they”.

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I should be an “it”

I hope there’s a better term one day: I heard Zie, but it’s not caught-on, yet. Probably because it makes the user sound like they have a German accent :stuck_out_tongue: We used to have a gender-neutral they for descriptions within in-game class cards, but it got confusing when dealing with multiple targets (they implies multiple, in most context)~


My pronouns are katze, kat, and meow

You lied to me! You told me to call you meow and purr



On the other hand I don’t think anyone was calling you a “she” any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it. Thank you! <3

I’m going to take advantage of this

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Is this close enough to say I called it?


Already happened

I mean if someone wants to do this (pretty unfunny imo ) joke that’s fine but if they get misgendered they cannot complain

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I mean

This has literally never once bothered me ever

Presumably same for the people using it for jokes

And although I (obviously, considering I was the one who told you this was a thing) think it’s a handy feature, I also think that taking offense at people misgendering you is ultimately misplaced.

People make mistakes, correct them and move on. It’s only a problem if they decide to then be a dick about it, and at that point that says a lot more about them then it does about you.


And while I do think it’s possible to see these jokes as being in poor taste, I think it’s entirely possible to see them as being done out of a feeling that listing pronouns is normal, which is the exact end goal.

So while I wouldn’t do it myself, out of choosing to see the best in people, I think I’ll be fine to take it as a sign that we’re just treating this as commonplace, rather than attempting to ostracize people that actually have reason to use such a field.

I got misgendered here and I was pretty pissed :wink: