NFoL5 (5/16) - Endgame - BD, Merc, and Strigoi win!

Welcome to Newbie-friendly FoL 5 - hosted by @Datbird, @Chloe, and @Arete

Reviewed by the FoL Balance Team


Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules, and the Official Forum Game Rules. Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.

Wisdom of the Mod will be used heavily for this game in order to ensure a quality game experience.

New players to the site will have priority over any experienced player.

Alts are not allowed.


  • Days are 48 hours long or until an execution ends it, Nights last 24 hours. The first day is an exception, it lasts only 24 hours and has no execution.
  • You will be provided a DM with your classcard by the host, send your actions there.
  • Unseen/Cult will talk through a special Discord server or forum message.
  • All other private messages will take place through the forum.
  • Flavor, if it exists, is not alignment-indicative.


  • To accuse someone say “/vote [player]”. Please make the life of the hosts easier by bolding it, and pinging an active host: **/vote [player] @host** and **/unvote @host**
  • Should the votes reach majority, that player will be executed and the day will end.
  • When the day ends, the player with the most votes will be executed.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • Voting “no execute” is an option.
  • You may self vote.

Picking a New King

  • At the start of day 2 and every day phase after a king dies, a king election takes place. There will not be an election if there are 4 or less players alive.
  • When the king dies a 12 hour period starts. In this, players may vote in their class PM for who they want to become the next king.
  • Voting for execution may take place simultaneously. If a majority execution takes place before the end of the 12 hour period, the election instantly resolves.
  • Whoever receives the most votes in this period will be crowned king. If votes are tied, a king election will be held the next day to determine it.

Action Results

Ask the hosts if you have any questions.
The feedback list works for most results.

Night abilities will be processed in following order/priority:

  1. Visit Prevention
  2. Occupation
  3. Bus Driving (target swapping)
  4. Killing
  5. Protection
  6. Miscellaneous Effects (like Bounty)
  7. Investigation 1 (Faction checks, type checks, etc)
  8. Conversion
  9. Investigation 2 (Every kind of investigation which checks for abilities used this night)

In case there are conflicts on the same level (example: two drunks bus drive the same people), all these conflicting effects are canceled.


DM the host what you want on your journal. When you die, the last update to your journal will be revealed to everyone. It has a limit of 1000 characters.


Archer will NOT be used in this setup!


Mastermind / Cult Leader
Assassin / Baron / Random Cult
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon/Random Neutral Non-Killer
Random Neutral Non-Killer
Neutral Evil


  1. ATNoName
  2. Aelin - Eliminated Day 2 - The Mercenary
  3. EliThePsycho
  4. Marluxion :crown:
  5. pandagod → WindwardAway
  6. min
  7. Silviu200530 - - Modkilled Day 3 - The Paladin
  8. Yellow - Eliminated Day 5 - The Devout King
  9. PokemonKidRyan
  10. GreyDragon - Died Night 2 - The Noble
  11. Oogway
  12. Napoleon
  13. BlueLance - Eliminated Day 4 - The Chronomancer
  14. katze Died Night 4 - The Prince
  15. Marshal - Died Night 3 - The Ritualist
  16. Appelsiini - Died Night 2 - The Squire


  1. CRichard564
  2. Tangeld
  3. Nightingale


Day 2 Start - Nobody died!
Day 2 King Election - All hail King Yellow!
Day 2 End - Aelin is eliminated!

Day 3 Start - GreyDragon and Appelsiini have died!
Day 3 End - Silviu was modkilled

Day 4 Start - Marshal has died!
Day 4 End - BlueLance is eliminated!

Day 5 Start - katze has died!
Day 5 End - Yellow is eliminated!

Day 6 Start - Oogway has died!
Day 6 King Election - All hail King Marluxion!


A few pregame notes:

  • If you have any questions about how the game works, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Arete, or DatBird either here or on Discord. We want to make sure everyone understands how the game operates, and we’re here to help.
  • That said, while the game is happening, we can’t tell you things like ‘how to find who the Unseen or Cult are.’ For that, your best resource is the other players in the game.
  • Do not talk about the game outside of the game threads, and the other threads that Arete, DatBird, or I create for you! This is really important - doing something like that can give away important information and break game integrity.
  • Do not copy/paste or quote anything outside of the main thread (this one).

The hosts can be found on Discord at:
Dat Bird#8705

Helpful links:

Guide to using Discourse (our forum software)
Guide to using Discourse for forum mafia
Common abbreviations and terms used in forum mafia
A collection of articles on how to play forum mafia

The game has been randed, and classcards have been sent.

If you did not receive a classcard, please DM any of the hosts either on the forums or Discord.

Game will begin: 2021-05-12T19:00:00Z


Day 1 Flavor

Written by @Arete

A note: I regularly receive questions about whether or not flavor is alignment or role indicative. Flavor for this game should not be understood as indicating anything except for flips, and does not confirm that the flip is accurate, that a player took a specific night action, etc.

Sun barely rising above the horizon
Little one, little one, bitter wind blown
Flowers are withering, naked bark brittle oh,
Little one, little one, bitter wind blown
Don’t understand why the light would abandon us,
Little one, little one, bitter wind blown
And I don’t know how much more he may demand of us
Little one, little one, bitter wind blown


The Solstice Festival fell on the darkest night of the year, of course, and the residents of the castle huddled together in the winter wind, their ceremonial hoods obscuring all trace of their identity. Once, Adiart had celebrated two solstice festivals, one on the summer solstice and one on the winter solstice. Yet the latest King had eradicated the Festival of the Summer Solstice, declaring it unnecessary and frivolous, and replacing it with the Festival of Loyalty.

“I don’t understand,” the Prince said softly, as he scanned through a letter smuggled into the castle. “Father knew about the conspiracy? And he didn’t do anything?”

“Quiet, your highness,” whispered his servant. “If he hears you, not even your bloodline will save you.”

“There are more of us than there are of them!” said the Prince. “It should be easy to take back our castle!”

The servant shook her head. “It’s not so simple. We don’t know who’s part of your father’s conspiracy. We don’t even know what sort of conspiracy it is, if it’s an unseen political conspiracy or a blood cult. And besides – with your father at the helm, we’ll never be able to do anything about it.”

“Then we make sure my father isn’t at the helm,” said the Prince.

The servant looked away. “Your highness, if you do that, you’ll have to go into hiding.”

“I know,” said the Prince. “But if I don’t, then the whole kingdom will have to hide from his wrath.”


The Solstice Festival fell on the darkest night of the year, and tonight that meant it was easy for the Prince to slip away from the responsibilities his father had assigned him to and approach his father’s throne. He waited, watching for a moment of weakness, then lashed out in a blur of motion, striking at his father’s heart.

The Prince turned and addressed the crowd. “Today is the day we take back our castle from the Unseen and Cult,” he said. “No longer will my father’s legacy taint this castle. Today is the festival – but tomorrow we shall elect a new king, and expel his poison from Adiart!”

Before the crowd could react, he pulled his hood up and vanished into the night.

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Day 1 has begun and will end in 24 hours at: 2021-05-13T19:00:00Z

There is no Day 1 elimination!

NAI massping



Hello! I’m pleased to play with you all!

I’ve played a fair bit less recently, especially for this being my home website – rolemadness is something I grew somewhat old of. It’s been a hot minute, but this is a good crowd. It makes me happy to see some fresh meat new faces here, I hope you have a fun time and maybe even stick around! But that’s a bit premature.

I’d like to talk about myself for a bit before I continue with this pre-written post. Partially for the people who know me, because I do intend on playing very differently to how I normally do and would like to emphasize that, but also because I’d like to sort-of introduce myself to the newer crowd.

I’m known as quite a high poster, frequently hitting over 1000 posts in a game, and very rarely not hitting 100 posts per day phase. I, admittedly, don’t think “double digits this game” is realistic for me. I’m also quite a chaotic player, and while I do intend on not showing too much of that this game, it’s not unlikely to come out a bit. Why is this important?

Well, I’m assuming that a couple of the newer players here are from Throne of Lies – and the general metagame there is pretty different to here. This is for a lot of reasons, but the biggest differences betwen here and there are pretty evident if you read [The Classcard Thread]**(New Forum of Lies: Classcards (Now officially official)) and Feedback List. I STRONGLY recommend EVERYBODY here read these, ESPECIALLY if you randed Cult, Unseen, or Neutral; you’ll need to know how to fakeclaim. We have significantly less feedback, and our classes are a fair bit different. The terminology differs at times too, what you know as “occupies” are considered “roleblocks”, for example. What this results in is a game that of more common scumtells you’d find in Throne of Lies don’t really work to the same effectivenes, if at all.

The self-anecdote is mostly because in ToL, fakeclaiming is seen as something that Blue Dragon essentially never do, except maybe as like… Prince or Mystic. Someone who can get away with it, but even then it’s pretty frowned upon. In Forum Mafia, while it’s not like… something you should do, there are times and places for it. I personally wouldn’t recommend doing it, especially without reason. I, however, am a hypocrite.

Some other things that might be considered bad in ToL but are less so here:

  • Being the second or third of a claim
  • Being a Knight claim
  • Being a Princess claim
  • Being a nonclaimer

If it’s not clear, this game is a lot less focused on claims, as such things like claimtrain and openclaiming Princes are significantly less common! (not really unheard of, though)

In fact, claiming is generally just risky. I’d advise being careful with it.

In an Unseen game, there is a 50% chance that the Baron spawns; which has an ability that allows them to either kill players if they’ve claimed (in cases they have Royal Blood) or roleblock them for two nights (if they don’t have Royal Blood) – and the Assassin is passively able to enhance their kills to bypass various protections and investigations. This ignores the fact that the Mastermind can roleblock, and various converts have abilities that can make your life difficult if you’re deemed a target and they know how to handle you.

In a Cult game, there’s less direct counterplay, a Seeker can permanently frame you, and an Acolyte can strongman (bypassing everything) kill you if there’s exactly 2 Cult alive. In exchange, they have a lot more conversion power.

Regardless of the faction that spawned, the Prince should try even harder to not claim. While they’re not an insane powerhouse like they are in ToL, they’re still incredibly strong, and not only do they get attacked upon conversion attempt – both factions have tools (the Unseen several, the Cult a few less) to kill a Prince, even if it’s claimed. This isn’t ToL – Prince doesn’t claim D1 and survive until N6 because there’s two Physicians, a Knight, and an Alchemist roleplaying as a Physician.

Finally, and this is very important: THERE IS NO STARTING KING. King elections happen on Day 2, are done entirely privately (you don’t step up for King, you just get voted), and both Cult and Unseen Kings will keep the abilities of the class they were kinged from, while gaining the benefits of being kinged. This means you can have a Cult Leader king, who cannot be roleblocked, redirected, tracked, has a tiebreaking vote, and gets a free kill in Order Execution (all of which any first king gets). Because of this, the King election is extremely important.

I probably have more mechanical stuff to say, but this post is already really long. Don’t worry, I won’t post like this all game, but I think it’s important to have everybody on the same page, and frankly more fun that way. So I’ll spitball a few other points just to end this.

  • Mechanics are a LOT less reliable here than in ToL. There are a lot of effects that manipulate your results, so be careful with them.
  • This also means that if someone claims to have healed X on a night X died, this doesn’t mean that they’re immediately fake. Again, there’s a lot of potential manipulation at play.
  • In an Unseen game, there are only two successful conversions ever, the second is locked to N4 or later. Unlike ToL, the starting Assassin(or Baron) won’t immediately replace them.
    • The only two ways to replace a Mastermind here are if they die before successfully converting anybody once, or if an Aristocrat bounties them the night before they are executed. In this case, the second conversion is unlocked on Night 5, not 4.
  • However, in a Cult game, there can be several conversions. It works pretty much the same as in ToL – 4 Cultists max, 1 night cooldown between convert attempts, Cult Leaders are replacable.
  • Bleeds are actually quite rare. Hunter (1x), Assassin (1x), Poacher (1x), and Cult Leader (1x each) are the only classes with real bleeds, whereas fake bleeds are just about as common: Mastermind (2x), Herbalist (1x), Acolyte (2x). Basically, in an Unseen game, bleeds are rare, in Cult games they’re more common.
    • On the topic of bleeds, if you are immune to bleeding, you will not be told you were bled! However, the only classes that are immune to being bled are Noble/Aristocrat after successfully bountying a Support class, so. Pretty rare.

…okay, that’s all! For real this time!

Most of this was written pre-rand, and I’d write it regardless of what class I was to ensure this game goes as well as possible! If anyone read the entire thing, I hope it helps you, if you don’t want to read the whole thing, then I’d recommend you read the last bullet points and the two links near the red text!



do i have to read this

i say this as im already reading it lol

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I’d appreciate if everybody read it by the end of Night 1 – there’s a lot of useful mechanical information inside.

I know you’re not new to FM, so a decent chunk of it is probably less relevant to you, but it’s only 7500 characters~

fair. anyways i too dont want this thread to be veteran controlled so imma just wait for some action

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wall post eeeee

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Alright fuck this I can’t figure out how to post that funny duck gif on mobile I’ve tried for the entire game

fades back Into the shadows

Yeah, I’m probably arbitrarily capping myself to 25 posts maximum today. Unfortunately, with no Day 1 execution, today is likely to be pretty boring.

I might make another mechanics post later, but I think I got most of the important parts in the prior one? Maybe after a Unseen/Cult flips, so I can make a more tailored post to the actual game.

Anyway, I’ll probably type normally come D2 for the three people reading this and going insane asking why katze is typing like a normal human.

Until then, gamer time. :wave:

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Join me in the catting sister