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Go Knights and Hawks!

what about other birds


Flyers are best. Thread closed

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we’re creeping back

go hawks



the flyers have been doing amazing bois. We gonna be a real contender. 8 straight wins

wait what you guys are tied for first in the east

i thought Gritty would be a bad luck omen for you forever

Nah man our team has been killing itimage
If we keep this streak up the only real contenders to us are the Bruins and the Blues

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Now even Chad Ochocinco is on the Flyers bandwagon

also funniest thing is we have the most wins at home so Gritty makes us play even better


i only know Gritty because of the Philadelphia Fusion

Oh another OWL fan

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Oh hell yes

sad that chicago still doesn’t have an OWL team
But I can root for atlanta
And chicago now has a CoD team lol

Atlanta isn’t doing half bad. I didn’t watch the last two weeks’ matches but I’ve tried to keep up on reddit. I’m a fan of wherever Space goes - he’s a DVA God

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lol i don’t really follow the players at all, just the teams

like how i’ve always rooted for EG in dota2 and TSM in lol