Noble missing feedback

What happened?

I was noble, had gossips on a sheriff and (later) a prince. The feedback only listed the alchemist that healed them, it did not include the chronomancer who insisted that they were also on the same targets. They were legit chrono, when court later upped and exe’d them after they falsely exe’d me.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

I was supposed to receive feedback of all abilities used. I mean, if Noble doesnt receive all feedback, what good are they?

Steps to reproduce:

Be a noble. Gossip someone healed by and alchemist and timewarped by a chronomancer. Receive less feedback than expected. Profit. Oh wait, get exe’d for ‘false logs’.


Annoying bug to be honest, it could’ve easily have cost the game.

Were you converted the night you missed feedback? Or were you and the Chrono both unconverted? This sounds like a new bug to me.

None of us were converted.

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