Noble's gossip can't see drunk's deb on immune targets

What happened?

I played Noble and used gossip on target (it was Fool). At the same night Drunk used deb on him and got feedback that the player (Fool) was immune (at least he swore that he did). As a Noble I got feedback that there were no abilities used on Fool. Also there were no classes in game that could frame me (except this Fool).

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

Noble should had seen Drunk’s feedback that Fool was immune/occupied/used no ability.

Steps to reproduce:

Use gossip and debauchery on the same target that is immune to debauchery.


I don’t know if the reason of such behaviour was Fool’s frame, but anyway it shouldn’t work like that, because frame shouldn’t work on Noble (according to description of frame ability, because Noble is social class and not investigative).

Gossip cannot see redirects.