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K done.

I’ll do it once I can actually play the damn game

i cant play the game but i did it anyway nerd

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As in it crashes before I can open it up marSHAL

my computer literally cannot run the game.

mac nerds for life

Check #mac-linux-workarounds, there are various workarounds that have been reported to work for some users.

yeah i know.

i tried some to no avail.

just get a computer that isn’t a hecking Macintosh, problem solved


Marshal is a nerd
I am a furry who uses Windows because I don’t waste money on 1000$ bricks

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why dont u buy him one

imagine being a college student and having money! haha!

lol that’s me but I just had a six month job, that came in clutch when my laptop had a heart attack

I like the mac UI

i had my 2012 macbook air from one of my mom’s coworkers.

and i was saving up to get a car at dominoes pizza but then my mom decided she wanted a car that wasn’t older than my dog so that problem was solved and I wanted to get a computer that i know i could use for another 8 years

And instead it lasted for 8 minutes before the next version came out

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I don’t care about new versions.

I just like the mac computers and am willing to splurge a little on something that i spend half of my life on

my mom has a mac from 2011 which has outlived my dog so they are durable to say the least

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