#off-topic now ported to Discord's #fol-off-topic (or Thronepass paywalled here)

Hey folks, unfortunately and with the earlier heads-up given, due to the overwhelming flood of #off-topic posts, the category is now paywalled (read-only) with Thronepass (Patreon) to focus limited resources toward featured categories. :frog:

If we reach our current $120/mo goal, I’ll unlock the category for everyone for 30 days (someone lmk if we reached the goal - not actively watching it).

You get a bunch of community perks with Thronepass, too, so it’s not all just donations – Check it out:

> image

As #off-topic posts have mostly been “live chat-like”, it can somewhat make sense, anyway, to continue these for free on our Discord server: To continue #off-topic outside of Thronepass, we now have a dedicated #fol-off-topic Discord channel, directly linked here >> https://discord.gg/hG6UGqm

Original Announcement

EDIT: Edited Thronepass perks to include #off-topic access.