Offsite Games Discussion / Signups or Replacements

Thread to post signups and / or discuss offsite games.
Social deduction is a tight-knit community that needs to help eachother out sometimes; I’ve also realised a recent influx in off-site games needing replacements/signups as it’s nearing Christmas which is why this thread was made.

Please post the request you make in this thread alongside a link to your game (ect. WoW:BfA v2, [Standard] WoW:BfA v2 - Alliance Victory (2/16), needs 6 replacements)


Bayonetta Mafia

Requesting: One replacement
On Town of Salem forums (phpBB)


Hypixel Mafia -1: A Forgotten Temple

Requesting: One replacement
On Hypixel Forums (Custom XenForo forums)

sulit’s note: “It has actually experienced players this time
I swear”

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