Offsite Games on Mafia Colosseum!

Hey guys! Bit of a different request.

Our friends over at Mafia Colosseum have a few games in signups, and are in dire need of some players to help them fill.

While I won’t offer you a reward or anything of the sort for playing on their site, I can promise you that playing there is an absolutely fantastic experience. Mafia Colosseum utilizes the XenForo forum software and they have a ton of personalized features that were designed with FM in mind, including:

  1. Automated votecounts
  2. ISO
  3. Multi-ISO
  4. Time-zone-adjusted time/date function
  5. Post links
  6. Partial quoting, and multi-quoting
  7. THREADMARKS image
  8. Private threads
  9. Scheduled phase changes

Here are the games:

If you’re interested and have any questions at all regarding the setups or site in general, our friendly neighborhood @osieorb18 is more than willing to answer.

p.s. MC has fantastic people.


they might be weebs but they’re not that scary

i promise


but we got our resident weeb too we got Luxy

but they’re weebs

OH MY GOD. Is that the one and only famous journalist Tess ‘TessA’ Ardent who specialises in reversing, social engineering and journalism AND runs her own journalism firm?
I’m her BIGGEST fan.


kyo im going to kill u

If you join the Sayonara Zetsuweeb game

you get to play with





kyo chloe im going to kill u

the who?

she also like had a tank at one point I think but thats besides the point

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what? I did a search for her name online and found nothing, but I am curious

Pretty sure you have to have an MC account to view this, but this is Tess’ account there

Journalist who plays FM

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see u wont find her articles on the normal web, shes more of a newspaper type, that or darkweb

i think she plays on other sites too but i could be wrong

either way its bound to be an interesting experience

Also if youre making an MC account you can be super efficient and sign up for a game there :^)

How long does it take to get approved?

I can ask osie to check your acct out rn, one sec

an_gorta_pratai im assuming?

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Just Gorta

weebs aren’t scary