Often disconnects

I don’t know if developers know about this issue since I don’t see any reports on forum about that. The problem is that after latest patches some players (inluding me) started to have in-game disconnects very often. Some players said that they had never experienced such DCs though. I personally started to get DC every 5th game at least. It usually happens like this: at day or night game stops responding to your actions, you can’t write in chat and don’t see any new messages in chat. If day/night timer raches zero the game does not proceed to next night/day. After about a minute the game disconnects you to lobby without opportunity to reconnect. In lobby corresponding message appears, something like “You were reconnected to lobby after game disconnect”. The biggest problem here that you can’t even reconnect back to the game so the game becomes over for you.
I want to emphasise that it’s not only me who experiences this problem and this is not issue with internet connection itself: it disconnects when internet connection is absolutely fine.