One bug dead, new bug and old bug

What happened: Talk is Phys can’t heal anyone but them self. Also when you do the “it’s you” emote and the “Arms to like a airplane” emote quickly you walk forward into the table.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?: Phys heal anyone bleeding/attacked and not aloud to move from the spot

Steps to reproduce: Play a Phys and try to heal anyone. Do the emote combo “It’s you” and “Arms out like a airplane” quickly

Comments: Can’t speak for the Phy one (just know what people are saying and some logs). The Emote one people have known about for some time and have fun doing it when there is a trail. The player just keeps emoting into the camera, you just see the players face and then them in the middle of the table till the next day and they reset

Phys/Alch bug

I believe this one is a visual bug, but I also know it’s known of and probably being fixed very soon

Emote bug

This one is very well known and… I think is just kind of a feature now :eyes:

I hope it’s fixed soon. It’s annoying to see (Emote bug)

When I read this for the first time I thought of literal bugs

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we are in the category bug reports, report all your cute little bugs here :heart:

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