Ongoing games notification

Please add a message to lobbies about the number of ongoing games

If a player joins a lobby while there is one ongoing game, it should say something like
“There is currently 1 game in progress - people will likely join when it ends.”
If a player joins a lobby while there is no ongoing games, prompt them to join the Discord and get a game started. (that’s how most games are started now, and new players should be told that)

If there are games going, the thing which stops people from leaving when they see only a few players in the lobby is someone saying “hey there is a game going, just wait for it to end and people will join”.
If someone doesn’t know that and sees like 3/16 people in a lobby and they’re not on the discord they’ll just go “oh nobody is online i’ll leave”

New players who join without being on the discord should know how to get a game started.

This change would likely improve player retention which is obviously needed right now