Opinions on F2P tol?

What do you think is about to happen when we all go F2P tell me! cmon. lets gooooooooooooo

literally nothing


I have no opinion on f2p tbh

hope the best n shit and I hope we get more players


not too sure why this needed its own thread when you can just ask in the f2p announcement thread

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I’m fine with it, offpeak times will likely become more less of a wait.

Plus the court fee doesn’t really bother me, who REALLY cares that much about cosmetics.

I’m less concerned about trolls and more concerned about growth of playerbase.
I hope xBlade can utilise the benefits of Free-to-Play to increase players.


I assume it’s becoming F2P specifically to increase the player base. It’s pretty hard to keep the game running if the player base is low and the game doesn’t attract new players, so from a marketing PoV Xblade is making the right move.

The one thing that I would consider a problem, though, is the veteran players already complaining about the court fee. I don’t think 50 gp per game is much of an issue, since it can be earned back pretty quickly unless you actually lose every single game you play and never stick around to vote MVP at the end, but for streamers or others who often use private lobbies, 500 gp paid by the host alone to cover the entire lobby is a little questionable (and I’m saying this specifically because Stoney complained about it already. but I guess he can bring up the issue if he really wants). Anyway, the issue with the court fee is primarily that the existing players are already complaining about it, but hopefully in practice it won’t deter them from continuing to play. I guess people will always find something to complain about.

I do think some sort of perk for veteran players would be nice, though, but I did hear there will be an exclusive title available for us (that also has to be purchased with gp).

I think F2P will only help ToL, with the only detriments mainly coming from the GP cost per game. Wind summed it up pretty well tbh

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except there is obviously going to be more trolls

lol when does she not


More trolls maybe, but the gp fee for entering a game might deter the type of trolls who just disconnect or purposely throw. At least I assume that’s what the purpose of it is. Who knows, might not even be a permanent thing.

Which fee?

You have to pay a 50gp fee in every tol game now.

Not very stoked about it, but it doesn’t affect me too much. :tm:

So we remove dead interaction because sticking around after you don’t need to is a bore but we force people to stay until the end to pay the fee? Really fucking seriously?

gp fee is cribge

Good thing I have money and don’t have to care about it

(Gp I mean)