[OUTDATED] Forum of Lies - New Player Guide

Welcome to the Forums! Interested in playing Forum of Lies?

Forum of Lies (FoL for short) is a deduction game that is based on the game “Throne of Lies.” (ToL)

Forum of Lies takes aspects of Forum Mafia and applies them to Throne of Lies.

The Basics

Days generally last 48 Hours instead of 2 minutes, and nights generally take 24 hours instead of a single minute.

All abilities are handled by a moderator, the person hosting the game. Actions are done inside of the class card direct message sent to you by the moderator.

Voting and Trials

Voting is very similar to ToL - instead of clicking a button, you just type /vote PlayerName in thread, and it is calculated by the host!

Once a player gets enough votes, they will immediately be executed! There are no trials similar to ToL, so be wary once majority is close and ensure your vote is where you want it to be!

How do I start?

To Join a game, you simply go into one of the threads that are in the sign up stages and type /join! It’s just that simple! Sign ups for new games happens once every few weeks, depending on the length of other games running.

I joined, what’s next?

Then… you wait for the game to begin! After the game begins, you will receive a class card depending on what class you rolled! Your class is random, just like Throne of Lies. A class card Direct Message (DM) would look something like this


If you have any questions about the game or what to do, you can simply ask the host in that DM thread!

I’m in a game, and I’m a little lost! What should I be doing?

The goals of Forum of Lies are identical to that of Throne of Lies - If you are a member of the honorable and honest Blue Dragon, you must try to figure out who the evil players are and vote for them to be executed!

If you aren’t, that’s where things start to get complicated. Your goal is written at the bottom of your class card.

The Forum of Lies Factions

The Blue Dragon

As was discussed moments ago, the Blue Dragon’s goal is to see all evildoers removed from their kingdom. A game of Forum of Lies always starts with more blue dragon players than any other faction! In unity with your fellow blue dragon, there is strength!

You and your team must figure out who is evil - and see them killed! If you’ve played Throne of Lies, this will seem very familiar.

The Unseen

Led by the mysterious Mastermind, and enforced by the deadly Assassin, the Unseen seek to kill off or… persuade… The other members of the kingdom to join their cause. The Unseen are the first evil faction in Forum of Lies, and their abilities are very similar to Throne of Lies! If you are a member of the unseen, you should avoid dying at all costs - If you can get the numbers necessary to conquer the kingdom, you win!

The Cult

Using sinister dark magics, the Cult Leader seeks to destroy all of Adiart in sacrifice to his dark Gods. The Cult Leader converts and kills just like in Throne of Lies… but at a cost! He must also sacrifice his fellow teammates to accomplish his goals.

The Cult in FoL plays very differently to ToL - As there is a unique mechanic called ‘Cult Points.’ Cult points make every non-cult leader member of the cult gain powers based on the class they are converted from! Cult points are explained more in detail in one of the links at the bottom of this guide.

The Neutral Killer

Forum of Lies has many wonderful neutral killers. Essentially, you are a one-man death machine. You seek to kill every member of the other prominent factions - The Blue Dragon, The Unseen and the Cult. You may see some friendly faces from ToL, but their abilities in FoL are very different.
The List of the Neutral Killers are the following:
The Reaper
The Possessor
The Sorcerer
The Demon
The Psychopathic King

All of their methods of killing are unique, but their goals are the same. See everyone else killed - so you can rule the kingdom, alone.

Non-Killing Neutrals

If you are a neutral player, you start the game with a very unique goal in mind. Sometimes, in the case of The Mercenary, it’s to see your contracts survive until the game ends! Other times, in the case of Scorned, you want to see two marked targets executed!

You have no direct allegiance to any faction, and your motives are your own. Seek to accomplish your goal at any cost… in same cases, even at the cost of your life!

The King

Just like in Throne of Lies, every game starts with a king of a hidden alignment. The starting king can be either Good, Devout (Cult) or Evil (Unseen)!

After a king dies, a new king must rise. At the start of the next day, players may privately vote in their classcards who will be their new ruler! After a vote, a new king rises to rule the kingdom… However, his alignment remains the same.

FoL has several different neutral kings - Your win condition remains the same after becoming king! Even as a neutral!

For example, a Fool becomes “The Mad King” when he is elected. His abilities are unique and his goal is STILL the same as before!

The King mechanic is what separates Forum of Lies from normal forum mafia.

I’m still a little lost… what do i do?

Don’t worry! The best way to learn is to JUST PLAY! If you have any questions, you can ask them privately to the host during the game! If they dont know, come find me and ask me on discord or via the forums.

I hope to see more new players trying to participate in FoL, as it’s truly a wonderful time.
~ Marl

Useful Links to get started:

The FoL Changes Thread - Effectively patch notes for when any change goes live in Forum of Lies
Forum Match Tips and Tricks!
The FoL Class Card Thread - This thread will be kept up to date with all the current Forum of Lies classes.
Another New Player Guide and Some Advanced Forum Game Terminology
An In-depth Explanation of Cult Points


If you have any questions - Feel free to ask them in this thread.

I am p much sure days last 80 seconds and nights last 40 seconds in tol.They are not like 2 and 1 minutes.

as well as it being a wonderful times sometimes we have memes which nobody gets!

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FoL exclusive meme pack:

Flowchart, Plague, Tree different color pencil, and NightX (I am sry)

Well since we can ask anything here what is nightx meme ? I heard this multiple times but i don’t know origin of nightx.Please enlighten me thx

NightX was an FoL player who dissapeared into the ether
we thought he might’ve been dead but no
he just left


What happened with marl and the plague :eyes:

marl died of it


Man I wish alchemists could cure the plague

Not give it

It was special game mode with plague and Ici bombed Marl and later Ici said Marl died to plague.Ici admitted he forgot he bombed Marl post game.I was not in this game but this is what i heard

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Can we put that you should not sheep Marluxion on the guide? I think that piece of advice is very helpful to new players and some regular players cough htm cough who literally puts a sheep in his vote when he sheeps



This seems like helpful advice tbh sheep Firekitten he knows everything

Severely concerned by lack of flowcharts in guide.


And an instruction manual on how to deal with Village Idiots.

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THERE we go!
One complaint solved.
Also, Marl, can you please include a link to Ici’s guide to hosting?

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