[OUTDATED] Forum of Lies - New Player Guide

To be honest, I think it isn’t enough.
What about the Top 10 Early Policy Lynches in case they aren’t very good at scumreading?
I just want give newcomers easier life, please don’t hate me.

What are they :thinking:

I have it but I would prefer to not upset people who are on list.
I’m never using it but that’s beside the point.

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tell us :frowning:

Not revealing it will lead everyone to the conclusion they are also on it

But it isn’t Top 100 Policy Lynches, boi. Kek

Of course the math won’t add up but still everyone will make guesses of themselves and 9 other people and that will make them upset

Not really, considering they can only guess and they can be wrong.
Besides it was just a thought and the reasons shouldn’t be about memes.
1. PKR cuz he always rolls wolf. /s

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  1. If there is no other confirmed scum in the game, and twilight is in the game. You should almost always lynch twilight as a policy lynch.

Great idea twilight!

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Still waiting to keep your promise, my Boi.

What promise?

So you won’t lynch me?
Eh. Lynching spectators is always fun.

What? When did I ever promise that?


I have never sheeped in my life :thinking:

Even as town!Marl, yeah.

My first game with Marl essentially went like this.


Me: I’m quite sure that this Maid claim is legit and that this is a mislynch. /pardon
Marl: No! We can’t afford a no lynch here!
Everyone sheeps Marl to a mislynch


Me: Are you absolutely sure this Drunk is with us?
Marl: Pardon him, I know his playstyle!
Me: Okay, I’ll be trusting you.
Said Drunk ends up being the last evil alive with a Revenant in them.

So from now on, I don’t sheep Marl. At all.

Marl mislynches pug as butler.

Pretty sure one of the first couple games I played I said marl was bad at scumreading. I was right.

:wink: (joke no hurt)

Marl isn’t the problem. The sheep are. (You know who you are :eyes:)


I wish people would sheep me more often, though. My reads are accurate and more on-point than not.