Overwatch Discussion

Hi does anyone here play Overwatch? :stuck_out_tongue:


Op, that’s a shame.
When are you going to host another rp btw?

RP or Misc?

I’ve forgotten the difference. I like how you knew I wouldn’t know as well.


I’m currently hosting one - Colours - then Ami is hosting her Misc, so my next one will come after.


I see. Those rp/miscs were fun.


I don’t play, but I do watch a good amount of OWL like I do all esports

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Really? I don’t really watch esports, only if I play the games.
If you ever decide to get overwatch or if anyone wants to add me my battletag is KyoDaz#2804


I used to play loads and loads

Mainly ana

I love Ana. I play Mercy & Ana.
Of course I main Symmetra as my DPS and D.va for tank.

Oh hecc yeah! That’s some good taste. Sadly, I don’t find the game enjoyable anymore

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Attempting to get back into it but I don’t play much. I used to be all about PC amateur tournaments

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