Paint Your Mafia... Mafia: Electric Boogaloo - Sign-Ups Thread

Paint Your Mafia… Mafia: Electric Boogaloo

Poorly-received sequel to original gaem
Co-art critic is @sulit


  1. Day cycle is 48/24. I may or may not count actions submitted in the last hour as I need time to process them.
  2. Lynch is plurality/majority.
  3. A day without at least 10 posts is an activity prod at the start of night. If you don’t acknowledge the prod until SoD you’ll be force replaced. If I have to ping you twice you’ll be force-replaced.
  4. Flavor is famous artists. They were given at random. How do you even justify an artist being a wolf anyway. Since flavor is meaningless you can ask me for a custom classcard name/picture before D1 starts if you want.
  5. Mafia has a factional kill. They don’t need to draw the name of the target.
  6. There are personal logs and death notes. Submit them to me and I’ll upload the last version sent together with your flip.
  7. Mafia will have a Discord server on which they can communicate.
  8. Anonymous players are not allowed. Hydras are not allowed.
  9. Spectators are always informed.
  10. Painting ability will be disabled permanently when, at any time of any cycle, the game reaches MyLo status.


Both factions consist of “Painters”.

Each painter may each night submit a painting of night action they want to perform. No words / letters can be used on the picture.
Host will try their best to interpret the painting and perform action which they think is on the picture.

However, since being an artist is all about originality, if 2 or more people send picture which will be interpreted as same action. (For example “kill Luxy” and “kill firekitten”), those actions will be canceled out and not work.

Converts and revives are disabled for the purpose of this game.

Classcard Example:

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

You are a member of the Town.
At day, you can vote and talk.
At night, you can draw (or at least the host hopes so).
You win when all Mafia members are dead.


12 Town
4 Mafia
All painters.


  1. EliThePsycho
  2. Nightingale
  3. Intensify
  4. Emilia
  5. Zone_Q11
  6. min
  7. clonedcheese
  8. Marluxion
  9. WindwardAway
  10. Wazza
  11. Eevee
  12. Kanave
  13. AnthemBell
  14. Aelin
  15. Appelsiini
  16. Rumplestiltskin


  1. Chloe
  2. @thepigeonnyc
  3. Marshal

Spectators (informed):

  1. kyoDaz
  2. Silviu200530
  3. Trustworthyliberal
  4. Alice
  5. YoubutWorse
  6. cornthecarrot
  7. Tyron
  8. Italy


  1. Sunflower influencer reopens sunflower rebellion
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what can go wrong

that was fast

do you think we don’t threadcamp


(jk but it gives me a desktop notification whenever somebody posts a new topic and I assume Eli has the same enabled)


i can’t wait to draw a blood sacrifice

actually i didn’t even know that was a thing


that was faster than bored neopets players refreshing the NPC shops to snipe-buy rare items

this sounds hilarious

What are the limits of what we can draw? Does each painter have like a set list of ideas they can work with? Otherwise, what’s to stop people from going “Okay, everyone just kill someone tonight” and having the game end?


i read it and then apparently forgot about it
is the canceling out are faction limited?
because otherwise youd have like a member of the town submitting “kill xyz” and making it so the scum couldnt, or scum healing a scumbud so town couldnt heal


I’m preparing my ritual circles

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If I were to submit an action that inadvertently causes a conversion or revive (ex: I submitted a picture of 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel of something going back in time and it got interpreted as “revert the game to day 1”), would the revive in this scenario work? or would it just revert the game to day 1 but not revive any of the dead players or smth?

see the thing is
if they do this, they have to sacrifice a potentially powerful action, so


the canceling out is not faction limited
scum do have a factional kill. If a scum member draws something interpreted as “kill Aelin” and no one else draws something that is interpreted as a kill, however, scum would also manage to get this attack through.

is factional mandatory
is factional assigned
is factional performable alongside other actions