Paladins (Lore)

“I should have known”, the Paladin mutters to themselves. The Paladin clutches their blade while watching another person within the castle’s cellar. The unknown person quickly looks around the cellar before speaking a passphrase, “Rak’tu Vallah”, to a wall causing it to change into a wooden door. The Paladin peaks around the corner seeing the suddenly appearing door. They then watches as the unknown person enters the door. As soon as the door shuts the wall morphs back to it original cobblestone look.

The Paladin takes another look around the cellar not noticing anyone. After making sure the coast is clear, they step out from their corner and began walking to the spot in the wall. “Fortunately I found you quickly”, the Paladin says to themselves and continues, “I mean the odds that another paladin was in court today was nearly impossible, at least now I can finish you off quickly.” The Paladin draws their sword and speaks the passphrase they heard, “Rak’tu Vallah”, after being said the wall again changes into a door. The Paladin while gripping their sword tighter opens the door.

The Paladin steps through the now open doorway and after fully making it through the doorway the door shuts behind them. The Paladin now stands in a hallway with another door at the end sounds can be heard behind it and light shimmering from underneath the door. Sweat forms on the Paladin’s brow as they begin to walk down the hall. As the Paladin approaches the door the sounds become more clear it seems more like chanting and that there is only one person within the room. “Only one of you, good”, the Paladin whispers to themselves as they prepare to do their duty.

After a very short moment the Paladin bursts through the door coming into the small room. The person the Paladin had been stalking now standing at the other side of an altar in the room. However; the Paladin notices the person is not surprised but is instead smiling. A large blow knocks the Paladin from behind causing them to drop to their weapon and drop to the floor. The Paladin quickly rolls over to see another person within the room. The other person who is also smiling says, “I’m glad the plan worked.” Before the Paladin could react they began to feel themselves being bound by magic.

“Well good job my Ritualist for being such good bait”, the person says in a taunting manor now standing over the Paladin. The Ritualist still standing behind the altar responds, “of course my leader.” “So what should we do with the paladin”, says a third person now entering the room. They continue to say, “I suggest we should kill them they are dangerous.” “A good suggestion, but I think I may have a better idea”, The Cult Leader responds. The Cult Leader waves their hands, as this happens the Paladin feels their body being forced into a sitting position. The Cult Leader now looking upon the sitting Paladin asks, “why don’t you join us?” In response to the question the Paladin spits in the Cult Leader face. “How dare you, he offers you mercy and you spit at him” The Ritualist yells. The Cult Leader wiping their face responds in a calm manner, “Calm yourself, I would be surprised if he had taken the offer so easily.” The Cult Leader then reaches down hold the Paladin’s head with both of their hands and says, “Now then this may hurt a bit.”

Even after a few hours the pain felt just the same to the Paladin as it did when it began. It still felt like their blood was on fire and the headache was unbearable, but their will had not broken. The Paladin with a grimace on their face says, “How much longer do you plan on keeping this useless plan up?” The Cult Leader responds, “until you have what you deserve.” “Well your going to have to hurry up it will be day soon” The Paladin says now slightly grinning. As if in response to what they said the Paladin felt even more pain than before. The Paladin’s grin was wiped from their face and in exchange they began to scream in pain. The pain now, completely unbearable for the Paladin, knocks them unconscious.

When the Paladin regains conscious they realize they are not where they were before. They are in what looks like a black and red swirling void. However; the Paladin realizes they are not alone noticing another figure within the void with them. The Paladin yells out, “who is their?” In response the figure begins to silently approach the Paladin. Noticing this they reach for their sword or at least where it should have been, but in fact it is not their nor is its holster. The Paladin now also realizes that they are not wearing their armor but instead common clothes that they would generally wear to court. Panicking realizing they have no defense they instead raise their hands as if to punch the being. “Calm, you will find no harm here Paladin”, the being says in a deep, dark voice now stopping their stride. The being then says, “In fact I’m only here to talk, my name is Mithras.”

The Paladin finding no comfort in the words that were just spoken to them keeps their hands up and says, “Feeling safe around you would be a fool’s folly.” Mithras laughs at The Paladins remark and says, “A fair thing to say indeed, however; if I wanted to harm you it would be more apparent already.” The Paladin realizing their words are true lowers their hands and asks, “So what do you want to know demon?” Mithras composing themselves takes a more calm demeanor and responds, “Why you are so resistant to serve me?” The Paladin chuckles slightly at this question and say, “why do you think, you are a demon an enemy of the God and are supposed to be destroyed.” “Why”, Mithras says and then continues, “Those that serve me face no harm and in fact grow in power while your god does nothing for you-”, The paladin interrupts, “My god protects me and gives me power far greater than what you could offer.” Mithras shifts their head sideways and says, “Then why are you here, defenseless and alone, without any help or power that your god supposedly gives you?” The Paladin stays silent for a moment before retorting, “Because this is a test of my faith and if I prove you true then I will have the power to defeat you and your followers.” “One hell of a test I would say leading you to your death”, Mithras responds. “I know it is hard to believe that your god does not care for you but it is the truth and my followers know this”, Mithras says now stepping closer to the Paladin. The Paladin takes a steps back and says shakily, “He does care.” “He does not, nor will he ever” Mithras responds continuing to step closer, they then says “I however do care and offer you a second chance at life, one that your god will never offer, I offer you my power to save yourself and the rest of the world from your god’s corruption.” MIthras then reaches out their hand and states, “take my hand and start your new life.” The Paladin stays silent and unmoving before stepping forward and taking Mithras’s hand and saying “I accept your offer.” MIthras smiles as light begins to piece the void blinding the Paladin.

When the Paladin’s vision recovers they realize they are slumped on a stone altar in a room the remember well. They are back in their own room sunlight shining through the stained glass. The Paladin looks around noticing they are wearing their armor with sword now firmly in their holster. They also notice a note on the stone altar it reads “I name you Seeker, meet tonight at the same place you found us before, after reading this destroy this note.” The Paladin sits their for a moment then destroys the note and gets ready for Court remembering that they still have to keep up the paladin persona even though they are now Seeker.

Please let me know what you think. this took over an hour to write so if you see any spelling or grammar mistakes please let me know and I will fix as soon as possible.


Cool lore!

I’m not sure if this counts as grammar, or just sentence structure, but speech marks from a new character should be put onto a new line.

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This was fun to read and interesting as well. It was a bit hard to differentiate between dialogue and I found myself having to re-read it a bit but other than that it seemed fine.