Patch v4.0.1 - Stability



Desync/Stability Fixes

  • If someone leaves at the name selection screen, it’ll no longer desync the party (freeze 1 minute >> then throw you back into the lobby). Apologies this took so long to fix! :slight_smile:
  • Local gold cache should now be better sync’d with the server (eg, buying items, getting bonus gold, etc).
  • Bonus gold now always factors in – not just when you get MVP and other odd cases. This includes MVP voting others (5 gp per), among other bonuses.
  • Bonus gp is now properly separated from win/loss gold at the end screen.
  • Fixed the lobby memory leak when you’re there for a long time.

Class Fixes

  • Scorned Incriminate abil now properly rewards marks as intended.
  • If a Sorc gets silenced, and silence expires when they could normally use “Escape Fate” (at pardon/exe selection), they can now properly use it again.
  • If a Sorc gets silenced, and silence expires before they can normally use “Escape Fate” in a trial, it will no longer allow it’s use.
  • At a trial’s pardon/exe select phase, Noble/Aristo force vote abils will no longer allow its use.
  • When Possessor’s Puppet Strings abil forces a player into a player shielded by the Merc, there will be better feedback that you were forced to attack.
  • [4.0.1a] Sellsword can now self-target with Stonewall (thx @Sellsword + @Amelia)

Class Cards / Feedback

  • Seeker’s “Can’t Target King” feedback now adjusted to explain that it’s more of a fallback (the feedback is sync’d with feedback - I’ll add some exceptions at a later date).
  • Fixed some class cards that target more than 1 player were showing in feedback section instead of (eg, a list of players).
  • Wolf Companion’s “Not useable until D3” text moved to memo for consistency and less bloat.
  • Added Inquisitor missing Heretic info about Prince+Hunter.


  • If you’re a guest of a private room, you’ll now receive a toast saying {host name} treated you the court fee (free).
    • image
  • Status icon text on the left no longer break to new lines when hovering over them.
  • Silence icon prettied up a bit.
  • Loading screen clipped text fixed that sometimes showed at tips.
  • Less generic colors for you win/loss @ end screen.
  • Player panel text now looks less pixelated in some resolutions.
  • “You are now the private host” popup prettified.

Looking for the last major patch(es)?

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  • Randomized or manually-input naming now works properly again (from release-candidate revert).
  • Fixed whisper issue (from release-candidate revert).
  • Sellsword can now self-target with Stonewall (thx @Sellsword + @Amelia )
  • Enforcer can now self-target Protect.
  • Start Early in a public queue removes the mention of 500 gp (was just a visual error).
  • Reworded the “Merge into Public” so you don’t think the host pays an extra 50 gp just for merging (rather, revert back to public court fees by merging).
  • Fixed an occasional text overlap in lobby at the classic mode banner text.

Quality of Life

  • MVP and King vote panels now have a highlight hover/click color.
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