Patch v4.0.3 Notes - New Quality of Life!


A new patch is live to improve the quality of life in Castle Adiart. Introducing Tier Gem system - a brand new way to show off your favorite weapons to your opponents! In addition, the Shop is now upgraded with a filter feature. Citizens can now quickly identify what weapons are owned and what weapons are yet to be collected!

Patch 4.03 offers some minor improvements to the gaming environment. Citizens of the Castle Adiart can now find game tips during the queue and enjoy a more secure and stable gameplay experience!

Patch Highlights

  • New Tier Gem system on gear.
  • New filter feature in the Shop.
  • New rotate tip feature during lobby and queue.

System and Game Improvements

  • Improved item UI.
  • Improved tips UI
  • Improved game stabilities and minor bugs fixed.

See you in the King’s Courtroom!