Patch v4.1.1 Notes - No Public Court Fee


Hear ye hear ye! A change of tax regulation in Castle Adiart! The Royal Court will no longer charge a public court fee from this patch! Thanks to all good citizens for your feedback and comments. The Royal Court has heard you and decided to create a court fee-free environment for the beloved citizens of Castle Adiart (for public games). In addition, the Royal Court also made adjustments to the classes and faction rotation rate, improved the quality of citizen’s life by UI and tutorial improvements, and maintained the environment with bugs fixed. Come and join us in the courtroom to enjoy the game of deceit!

Patch Highlights

  • Removed Public court fees.
  • Reduced faction rotation period from 7 days to 4 days.


  • Mystic and Hunter are Unique classes again.
  • Increased the probability of spawning investigative Blue Dragons variety.
  • Fixed Maid’s Matchmake with a Fool in the game.
  • Facelift, Exhume, Blood of Mithras, and Gather Darkness can no longer be canceled once used.
  • If you are converted on a night that you were occupied or redirected, it will count towards granted immunity count (3 times grants immunity).
  • Nobles can no longer use Political Pressure when there is no vote day (or max trials exceeded).

UI and Tutorial

  • New button link to the logbook examples at the top-left of the logbook.
  • Updated in-game name appearance.
  • Added a stay-in tutorial feature to get familiar with the UI before exiting tutorial mode.

System and Game Improvements

  • Fixed Gold de-syncs.
  • Fixed emotes.
  • Fixed empty-class bugs.
  • Fixed Discord-related bugs.
  • Fixed exiting game crash.
  • Improved language filter.
  • Citizens can open class cards during the tutorial after they are introduced.

See you in the King’s Courtroom!


How come?

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I assume.

Is there a reason for the rotation? It really makes me turn off the game so much faster. I used to play hours at a time but I usually only manage an hour or two before it becomes stale. If that, when Cult week. I appreciate it going down to 4 days but it’s a huge turn-off.

Also are you aware that the logbook examples have taken over the Abilities tab in the Class Cards?

It’s to help out with newcomers.
Makes it easier to understand the game and such.
Likely won’t be permanent either, as faction rotation can be easily removed with a bigger playerbase.

all of them can be used alongside other day abilities, if you abuse it right

I hate Cult.

but I hate faction rotations more, makes it more boring on the solving part.


i love it

now nks/scorneds wont lose thanks to bad rng

Other counterpoint

Both factions being present contributes nothing to solving because it’s almost always revealed Day 2 what faction it is

Still has that one first night where most aren’t aware of the game.

That’s mostly where all actions are essentially rng minus maybe dodging that D1 neut

Well that’s the point.

I hate Cult but I just find the lack of having a chance for Cult or Unseen just sucks to me

Not gonna lie, the court fee system and the discussion I had on the Patch Notes 4.0 post was what really turned me off from the game for awhile. This is the kind of thing that renews my interest.

Thank you. :+1: