Patch v4.1.2 Notes - Vote-to-Start System

Hear ye hear ye!

Tired of waiting for fellow citizens to join the game of deceit? The Royal Court proudly presents the new vote-to-start-early system! When there are 8+ citizens waiting for the next court, citizens can vote to start after 1 minute of wait, and the game of deceit will begin with more than 60% consent.

With the global climate changes, the sun of Castle Adiart will shine upon our land 120s per Day, but note that the sun reacts to the number of deaths happening in Castle Adiart. With the increase of grieving souls floating around, the sunlight will also shorten until it reaches as low as 30s per Day. Nights will only be slightly longer (especially night 1). As citizens rely on the moon for night activities, the moon will glow upon Castle Adiart for 55s per Night. Citizens will have 40s to get familiar with the King’s Courtroom on Day 1. And the Royal Court decided to light up the castle with torch fire to welcome the citizens to King’s Courtroom, which grants an additional 10s to a total of 65s for citizen’s First Night activities.

Patch Highlights

  • Vote-to-start-early System LIVE: When there are 8+ citizens in the queue, citizens can vote to start the game early after 1 minute of waiting in the queue, with more than 60% of citizens vote for it.
  • Time Adjustments:
    • Day time raised from 90s to 120s, with a falling timer with fewer citizens alive in the game. It can be as low as 30s.
    • Nighttime raised from 45s to 55s, with a falling timer with fewer citizens alive in the game. It can be as low as 45s.
    • The First Day is now 40s.
    • The First Night is now 65s.

Class Balance and Updates

  • Change Butler’s Serve Wine to be unable to use on the same target twice in a row.
  • Chronomancer’s Distort Reality now notifies the victim it was moved to.
  • Replace Tenacity from the Kings (minus Psycho King) to Privileged, allowing the Kings to talk during Trial.
  • Replace Ritualist’s Brotherhood with Intensify with 2 charges.
  • Reduce Court Wizard’s Icy Veins to 2 charges.
  • Reduce Alchemist’s Stoneskin to 2 charges.
  • Reduce Sellsword’s Stonewall to 3 charges.
  • Reduce Observer’s Overlook to 3 charges.
  • Change Sage to Offensive Class Type.
  • Change Herbalist to Social Class Type.
  • Unseen and Cult classes that cancel his/her night ability that is NOT a self/auto-targeted ability will now properly warn allies (self-auto already worked).
  • Fixed Observer/Seeker flipped problem.

UI and Tutorial

  • Rearranged lobby header.
  • Add collapsed “Knowledgebase” menu at the top-right for UI improvement.
  • Move “Class Cards” to the top-left to be more dominant for UI improvement.
  • Additional tutorial content on clickable chat links by Mastermind.

System and Game Improvements

  • Class Card Improvements
  • Fixed class card stuck problem.
  • Fixed class card underline links’ click-ability.
  • Fixed logbook’s “Send to Chat” to pass multiple lines for readability.
  • Fixed de-sync problem.
  • Fixed the friend interaction bug.
  • Remove class card scrollbars.
  • Hover over abilities for longer class card descriptions no longer block by yellow memos.
  • Press ESC to exit the glossary.

See you in the King’s Courtroom!



  1. Vote Start Early fixes
  2. Name selection name<>message is no longer reversed
  3. Ritualist “Intensify” ability charges are now 2 instead of infinite
  4. Possessor should no longer die from casting Puppet Strings targeting Hunter when a Bear Companion trap is set.


is this supposed to be a nerf?

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Interesting change… It could encourage BD to be more proactive but we’ll see.

I think it’s possible to get around this by alternating jails with occs but occ immunity is used up fast so I think it’s okay.

Not really a balance change, but good nonetheless.

Evil king nerf… I don’t enjoy in the slightest. Previously Allies was already difficult to find an unseen if they were effectively hiding themselves, now it’ll take even longer because a potential for merc/ss to occupy the Allies…

I fear cult will die more easily to Paladins outing them.

THANK GOD, I’ve been telling people that court wizard is overpowered and nobody listens. 3 times death immunity and 3 times protection from converts was just too much.

Good change, alchs dying a lot more and being more proactive with their stoneskins, I like.

I don’t like this change. Sellsword’s Divert has little plays and if you accidentally redirect an evil (which you can only guess) then a plan can easily fall apart. I really think stonewall should’ve gotten a nerf in another way.

Overlook was never really used that much outside of once or twice on Prince, so not sure why this was even a problem.

Herbalist buff and sage nerf when comparing Princess flirts… I’m all for a herbalist buff but Sage being offensive just hurts the outclassed nature of Sage…

Again, another quality of life change disguised as a balance change.

No Credit to me? :wink:

sage is one of the best converts

I feel like stonewall nerf was literally just in tandem with king change

One of the best but still outclassed heavily by Enforcer… The ability to dispose of important BD is done better since Frenzy can work twice in one night with 2for1, as well as Sage not being able to stop Butlers from occing the assassin.

With extended D1, will we finally get D1 claim train meta?

Comparing anything to Enforcer makes that class seem bad. Sage is still very good, even if it appears K/O to Princess. Regardless of all of that, I’d argue that this patch is favourable for Sage because of the King change.

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Everything is outclassed by Enforcer

Also I like the tie to irl


Think of it more like a rework.

on second thoughts
it’s you
so it must be a nerf

This is sound reasoning I cannot disagree with



But we know it’s true

: /


This is certainly a good start, and I’m happy for any butler nerf, but I’d still prefer it for the occupation immunity system to be changed to “You will be immune the next night”.

I dislike this change, and I don’t really see the point. This is a really unnecessary huge EK nerf. King in general doesn’t deserve to be nerfed like this.

I’m all for more Butler nerfs, but I don’t think this is a good one. Now there is no counterplay to Paladin finding someone NS.

This is a good change. The same should happen to CW’s other abilities.

Finally. Prince should also be changed to special

Everything else I like

I don’t get how this is a Evil King nerf at all most of the time?

Because an Evil king has to find other evils in order to be useful(not counting decide fate on an important BD), and by occupying the king it makes it harder. I don’t even see why this is necessary in the first case.