Patch v4.1.4: Less text, less confusion, higher-quality of life

:mega: We believe a solid foundation is important to build upon. This patch offers:

  1. Lower learning curve for new and returning players
  2. Less bloaty text for everyone, when hopping through class cards, glossary, or guide texts trying to find “that one thing”.
  3. Significantly-more accurate and less-confusing class cards, tips, glossary, guide, etc.
  4. Legibility of text (since it’s a text game!) with less “weight” and less homework to learn things.
  5. Quality of life: Things can get overwhelming fast – now, less so.

Class Fixes

  • Fixed nearly every reported inaccuracy within class cards (too many to list).
  • Chronomancer’s Distort Reality abil feedback text to the victim no longer shows the incorrect text in green, as if it was a good thing happening you.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed specific win conditions for quests.
  • Suspended players will no longer get stuck at the login screen (and stuck “Loading…” from news): They should now properly see the popup and an explanation in the news area.


  • Clicking on an underlined link now has an animated arrow guide you to the exact term you are looking for:

  • Streamlined numerous class cards, abilities and tips to get the point across with shorter, to-the-point descriptions. In addition, wording should now feel more-similar and streamlined. There may be some new “info passives” that simply explain deeper mechanics better.
  • Changed all class card tips to be short bullet points.
  • Fixed class card glossary/class links - they should all be clickable and accuracy, now.
  • Tutorial now initially hides most the UI, then slowly introduces elements.
  • Some UI elements are now draggable, where you shouldn’t be able to “lose” them off the screen:
  • Glossary links now work (to other parts of the glossary, or class cards).
  • Glossary/class card links are now clickable from the rotating tips.
  • Updated and streamlined glossary to have less text and be more-legible.
    • Also added new clickable terms (that interact via clicks from other places, such as class cards), such as Poison, Intensify and several player-meta terms.
  • Updated the Guide, similarly to above.
  • Clickable neutral class links are sometimes bolded when seen with other white text. If you see other areas that have a good fit for this, treat it like a bug and toss it into Discord #bug-report (thanks!).
  • Faction colors are now more-legible, dynamically changing based on the background: They are now brighter or darker, depending on what is more-legible to read. This should take effect throughout the game: Please report inconsistencies.
  • All in-game class card links should now work — and added a few more acronyms for classes.
  • Fixed in-game, automated mute system to be less confusing and more-informative; additionally, it now alerts you how long you’ll be [temporarily] muted for and when the mute lifts (almost ported to lobby, too, but delayed due to hackers):

  • Deathnote colors in the store no longer show a tier color, to prevent confusion:

We thought we may as well toss you what we were working on before moving to anti-hack (next patch) :+1:

–Xblade @