Patch v5.0.2 - Quality of Life, Vfx, Fixes

Visual Improvements

  1. All weapons now have some kind of visual effect to it - even magic weapons that previously looked like you had no weapon equipped at all.

    • Eg, Rune of Frost now shows frost particles swirling around your wrist [all using efficient particles that won’t affect your FPS].
  1. All executions that should trigger blood now trigger blood properly and more clearly each hit.

  2. All executions that previously had crusty looking particles have received a hefty upgrade.

  3. Improved idle animation variety (more later), and added 2 separate sitting animations for Chrono and Mystic rooms.

  4. Fixed numerous texture issues that were displaying dim, dark, or dull - including some blood, a few weapons, some particles, the King’s scroll on the table, etc.

Other Improvements

  1. Disabling cam orbit in options will no longer cause visual bugs.

  2. Delay Death fixes:

    • Revamped the backend for delay death from the ground-up, fixing numerous bugs including the “stacking delay death” countdown bug. Now if a delayed death is delayed again on the night they were supposed to die, it will correctly delay again for another 2 nights.
    • Updated the delay death icons, now showing a countdown to remind you about pending death. On the night you are to die, the countdown within the circle is replaced with a skull.
    • Delayed deaths now explicitly tell you what night you’ll die after mentioning the # of nights.
    • Screencast summary
  3. Upgraded automod preventative system.

  4. Unlocked 2 previously locked weapons due to visual bugs:

    • Trueshot Crossbow has returned (with fixed vfx)!
    • Rune of Force has returned (with fixed vfx + upgraded animations)!
  5. Enabling/disabling “cam orbit” will now trigger immediately, instead of next session.

  6. Fixed a bug that would sometimes prematurely show popups at the login screen (that should only show in lobby+).

  7. We stopped showing the toast to remind Newcomers to take a survey.

  8. Status icons on the left now show the hover-text when they 1st appear for clarity that you can hover over it, and what exactly happened with minimal effort: Hovering over it once → then breaking the hover makes it disappear.

  9. Scaled how classes spawn and abilities work so we can change this easier in the future – please report bugs/inconsistencies.

Upcoming Events

  • Anniversary

    • From Sept 27 ~ Oct 30, you may login to receive a special Kingslayer IV title!
    • Be inside our Discord server by Sept 27th to receive a Kingslayer IV colored role sometime in between this event period!
  • Moon Festival

    • From Oct 1 ~ Oct 31, you may login to experience our Halloween event with the return of Mr Skeltal, Fancy Jack and all the Halloween goodies we annually have ( read more ).

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