Perma banned from Steam Forums for trolling... Apparently

What happened: Sooo not sure if this is going to be read or it’s just going to get me banned from here too but I was banned from the steam forums 3 hours ago for trolling because I hoped that a mod we see a certain post on the forums. It was my first post on the forums and the moderation report only showed the word troll as an explanation as to why I was banned. I don’t really care if I’m unbanned but I would like to understand why I was banned exactly.

Just to be clear. You don’t remember trolling right?

No all I said was wow I hope a mod see’s this. Only post on TOL steam forums.

I’m not a mod but can you post a link I can see? Not sure if it will show up well here but this is the exact mod report I got.

Yeah that’s kinda weird.
You know who banned you?

Burrito, what’s your opinion on this?



Seems like a mistake

Only devs can give permanent bans, and it almost never happens for first-time offenders. I would bet this guy did something on a secondary Steam account and they tracked their main account as well, or had other offenses and the developers banned him on a nonrelated post.
This could also be a mistake, though.

Yeah I don’t know who banned me.

I swear to god I don’t have a secondary account nor have I posted anything on the TOL steam forums before. This is my first banned here and it just ended up being permanent.

He has a Rainbow 6 profile picture

I trust him :slight_smile:


I don’t trust people who name their mod reports like that

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I named that more or less out of spite for the randomness of the ban. So I apologize for that but I haven’t logged into or posted anything else on those forums in a different account nor have I ever been banned or received a warning ingame

Favorite Class?

Can you link some of your last posts @TajMahBallz



For steam? Or on these forums?