Persona 4 Golden PC Port

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Already purchased Digital Deluxe

Y’all have no more excuses

Is it really that good?

I mean you can look up reviews but yes

rubs hands

Goodbye, FM.
Just kidding…
Haha, unless? :flushed:

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No like actually chau nerds

Me who only could play OG Persona 4

this is hype

With all the EA releases coming to steam

this one snuck in
And its a very pleasent surprise

This could mean Persona 5 and 3 could be coming to pc aswell

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I don’t play Persona.

Its great

Arguably one of the best JRPG series out there

SMT univerese is good shit


hype as shit

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You haven’t yet

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Persona 4 Golden isn’t just an excellent JRPG, it’s one of the best PC games.

how much is it