Playing with the Inquisitor

Inquisitor - Changed to Neutral Offensive

 This brings back the Inquisitor's opposition to magic users.  This includes Court Wizards, Chronos, Mystic, their conversion classes, all cult aside from cult leader, as well as the Sorc and Possessor.

Objective: Purge 3 magic using heathens from the castle (maybe more depending on balance).

Day ability: Divine Wrath - Pick 2 players (possibly 3), the court will see a flash of lightning and hear thunder rumble. At the end of that night, if any of those players are magic users, they will be marked by Judgement. Divine wrath has infinite uses, but a 1 day cooldown.

Judgement mechanics - Whenever Divine Wrath is triggered, that night, all magic users will receive a button for the Contrition ability. Instead of their night action, they can use contrition to avoid judgement. May be limited uses, meaning players need to decide how risky it is that they were marked. If afflicted with Judgement, they will receive a delayed death notification and will die the next night. Judgement cannot be healed, delayed, or redirected, it pierces death immunity, and cannot be avoided except by using contrition the night you are judged.

Night ability: Penitence - choose a player. If they are a magic user, they will be forced to target themselves.

Inquisitor retains his one time death immunity.

Just playing around with Inq a bit.

mech confirm = no

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no x2

tip: if you want to make inq rework
make it an NK

Just saying no is entirely unhelpful. While I’m also against mechanical confirmation, I feel like inq has already stands in its own place where it’s confirmation is basically a given in the game. The only thing we have now is inqs occasionally letting someone else take credit. Given the time frames involved, I don’t think it puts an insurmountable onus on cult. Cult can bus or sac a judged member and survive it. I suppose if the inq manages to peg every single cult at one time, it’d be problematic. Also, probably should’ve mentioned that he loses his day ability once he gets his targets.

It’d be a lot more useful and easier to discuss if you expand on your objections if you’re going to bother to comment.


full OP with fixed formatting

mostly using this for self reference

honestly i don’t hate the idea of inquisitor hunting magic users at a conceptual level

but the problems with it in the past don’t go away here

randing Inq in a Cult/Non-Reaper game means you’re disproportionately more sided in one direction as opposed to an Unseen/Reaper game

a neutral leaning towards BD isn’t always inherently bad but the difficulty of this neutral swings DRASTICALLY in these cases

lets assume the wincon is to make sure 3 magic users die

in a cult/notreaper game, this means you can get the 2nd cultist, n1 convert, and NK out and win

being the cult/nonReaperNK in an inquisitor game is now extremely unfun, which was a big problem with old inq i’d imagine (i barely played back then, but i know inq winrate vs sorc was absurdly high so i doubt sorcs enjoyed that dynamic)

also in a Unseen/Reaper game there’s a very high chance 3 magic users don’t even spawn in which case you spawning is now a likely informational tool since i assume the solution to this is “force 3 magic users to spawn in inq games” or “only allow inq to spawn in 3 magic user games”

which, in less words, means that in unseen/reaper games an inq spawning hardconfirms 3 BD in the magic user pool spawned (which is bad and one of my bigger problems with current inq, it basically confirms 2-3 BD)

wow that was a lot of words

in more words: this just means that the inq doesn’t have to die for the info of an inq spawning to exist

which is a problem with current inq, if you’re planning to rework it, this is something you should think about remedying the problem, not making it an even bigger one by confirming to the entire court the inq spawned instead of just 3 people

this is my way of saying that the mechanical confirmation of inq spawning here is bad

i will say that i think your approach to a rework with this sentence in mind feels a bit backwards since you probably agree that the confirmation of the ability is bad but justify it by saying “well current inq has this problem already”

anyway ill stop talking about that part of the ability

this is interesting

i don’t actively hate hate, although the journey of how we get here, like i said earlier, i do hate

okay so here’s my problem with this already

this takes so much control over the game

not even the NKs have this much control except maybe lategame reaper who quite frankly has an absurd amount of control lategame

this is interesting

but there’s a glaring problem here

Instead of their night action

this makes inq spawning in cult or non-reaper games even MORE unfun to play against because the inq DOES NOT HAVE TO TARGET SPECIFICALLY YOU TO CAUSE THIS

fwiw i don’t think this level of WIFOM is the worst thing ever on paper

if it didnt take place of their night ability i’d say it’s a very interesting idea

however i don’t think it’d work very well on this class, because WIFOM doesn’t really work when you don’t know who’s doing it, just what is (you don’t know katze is the inq, but you know an inq is causing it)

so it becomes a game of randomness, really

what if you were the neutral killer and you died to this

this whole system kind of feels like ToS Pirate playing rock paper scissors except you’re not sure if you’re playing rock paper scissors so play rock out of paranoia but the pirate is just a religious old dude stabbing an entire cult

and then two nights later he asks you to play rock paper scissors again, but you think it’s a prank and let your guard down

so you get stabbed

it’s somewhat interesting at a conceptual level but just sounds like hell to play against

this is a disproportionately BD sided ability as CWs can live with this, chronos get a free self heal, and mystics are redirect immune

meanwhile cultists’ abilities are usually important to their strategy and the NK… i feel is self explanatory

also unrelated to my actual opinion of any of the class but i feel like it’d be a nightmare to code

tldr: there’s interesting concepts but i don’t think this works at all from a balance or gameplay standpoint


Thank you