Please Change How Button Confirmation/Changes Work

It’s really frustrating when changing your target at the last moment (i.e. Prince Jail or Cult Conversion) that the game deselects your target rather than allowing you to select a different number and click twice. This is both unintituive and suboptimal, easily resulting in the prince or CL screwing up and not taking any action that night.

Very rarely will that be an option that either will want to take, so it should be de-prioritized. I think we can also make it clear as to which action you’re taking so you don’t need to click the button to double check who you are taking action on.

It should never display “You have laid down your key-ring.”

Here’s the current flow:

Here’s my quick recommendation:

Open to any suggestions/feedback.

Thank you.



so embarrassing when I die as prince and my logs reveal that I haven’t been jailing for the past 2 nights :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Imagine not living within the room of shame

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But last I checked, this was done to fix some bugs regarding ability targetting?

That’s what I thought tbh

though tbh I thought it was more about xbabes scaleable code hahaha

Granted yes, I do actually hate having to de select before selecting again

Oh I forgot to mention that if you wanted to do nothing you’d just select the previous number

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Apologies for the bump!

Is it alright if I add this suggestion to #feedback-qol on the discord? It’s more likely to be noticed there ^^

Of course!

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