Pokemon Showdown team tournanent

So, I’m trying to host a regional National dex tournament on discord with some friends on there, kick off in around 2 weeks.

I’ve divided every pokemon (except those banned) into Genarations, and the (Hopefully) 8 teams build a team under the conditions laid out (more specifics upon request)

Experience, prowess and knowledge is not required, but as @orangeandblack5 would attest to, standards are pretty high. But we are a memey, friendly bunch and willing to help and advise.

Anyone interested? You’d be expected to play one match/week and work well with your partner.


bruh I play casually occasionally and I think I’m 3rd place in the current league rn

But you also aren’t a noob.

I certainly am not significantly better than one

Especially with S&S

You’ve been pretty lucky, but you built a decent team lel

As I always say

Why have variety in mons if variety in sets accomplishes the same goal


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I dunno, only corviknight has has had any real variance I’ve seen

I’ve run variable sets on everyone, actually

And like wildly different ones in terms of stats and moves


I mean I could tell you but if you don’t know everything I’ve done that helps me lol

Welp, I’ve not been surprised with what you’ve done with your pieces, like brought choice specs Ttar.

I actually haven’t done that one (at least not yet) but I am aware it is a possibility



Sylveon is actually p good

Also @eevee tried to build a team of all the eeveeloutions

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the set I run on my Sylveon is pretty good if the person I’m against doesn’t have counterplay to it

the problem is that most people have counterplay to it

Are you interested in taking part?

I wanted to do aqua ring + wish + baton pass shenanigans on full defense team.


Just for memes.

Shame baton pass wasn’t allowed in that league lol

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