Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)

I got a good mark on my bio test

also people need to focus on the positive and post here

also r/unexpectedthanos

It was my co-worker/friend’s birthday today, yesterday I got her a present (a letter tray for her desk since she said she wanted one) but I was really anxious that because it’s a little smaller than the ones we have at work, that she wouldn’t like it

She ended up liking it more than the work ones cause it looks sleeker and fits underneath her desk fan :3


And then they fucked



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< lol >

And then here comes the happy ending.


moleland no.

Finally finished purging the last remnants of my sucky old username from all my various internet accounts and it sure does feel good


Why not

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Fates 2 when

y’all can get a runescape gf if you get enough gp and buy enough of my sapphire rings at the GE

Pug you give me positivity

Damn - Kendrick Lamar

(but seriously, thank you. never thought anyone would say that to me.)

Despacito 2

Also aussie brotherhood :+1:

overused but okay

Nah Luis Fonsi legit teased he might do a despacito 2

People who say Despacito is a bad song can 1v1 me roblox

Also for positivity wise.

I been grinding os runescape and got over 400 total levels.

This means y’all can grind on something that actually matters,.

no despacito.

despacito 5 is where it’s at.