Possible bug: Noble doesn't get info from gossip when occupied, but intensified by CW

What happened?

I played Noble and used “gossip” on Prince (16). According to output I was occupied, intensified by CW, attacked, but protected by merc (so I was immune). If I was intensified I would bypass occupation and get info (I guess) from my gossip, but I didn’t get it.


See screenshot.

Assuming there was a Merc on Prince, that would mean everyone else got occupied so there would be no one on Prince except you

Then it should have said “There were no abilities…” instead of nothing.

Hmm yes that is true.

Perhaps the occupy stopped that part… even though you were intensified.

And it would actually give me info “You stood guard at 16’s room” if merc was on Prince.

Moreover, it said I was death immune cause of my passive abilities, King’s guard or CW. Why merc’s shield wasn’t in that message?


Merc doesn’t give you death immunity…

I assume the Death Immunity came from Icy Veins.

Hm… So player is not notified when he is attacked, but saved by merc?

Because we had a guy who claimed merc and that he shileded me before I wrote to chat that I was attacked.


Player is not notified

Ok, but the main question still exists": if I was intensified, then I still should have been given info from my gossip.

You should’ve received something.

Probably a bug