Post Formatting Tips

Hi! I’m Magnus. I’m going to show some basic forum commands everyone should know.

How to change the size of your posts.

#’s (hashtags) Change the size of each post. To end the size, simply start a new line. Examples are below;

1 Hashtag (#)

2 Hashtags (##)

3 hashtags (###)

4 hashtags (####)

5 hashtags (#####)
6 hashtags (######)

The maximum is 6 hashtags. In most games on the Forum, only the Host and Co Host are allowed to use big text.

How to change the color of your posts.

To change the color of your posts, do the text [ color=INSERT COLOR ] [ /color ]. For example, you may do [color=red]Hi, my name is Magnus[/color] by typing [ color=red ] hi, may name is Magnus [ /color ]. For a good list of available colours, check

How to use emojis.

Emoji’s can be created in several ways. Some easy ones to use include :P, :D, :), and :(. These become :stuck_out_tongue:, :smiley:, :slight_smile: and :frowning:. You can also do : (colon) and search for an emoji, or click the smiley face (:slightly_smiling_face:) in the actions bar up top.

How to bold, italicize and strikethrough your text.

The fastest way to bold and italicize and strikethrough your text is by placing on either side some symbols. Having an * on either side will cause your text to become italic. *Italic Text is slanted slightly.* Having an ** on either side will cause your text to become bold. **Bold text is thicker.** Having ~~ on either side will strikethrough your text. ~~Strikethrough is cool as~~. Note that _ can be substituted for *’s.

How to put a formatted hyperlink to a topic or specific post

Hyperlink to a specific topic
Remove the closing spaces from the ending bracket to make an URL, [url=(INSERT URL)] (name of the link) [ / url]

FoL Hub

Press the specific sharing option on a post to obtain the hyperlink to point towards a specific post and do the same url trick as above:

Post number 11 in this thread

How to make synchronised clocks.

To create a synchronised clock, you can do two things. You can click the calandar symbol at the actions bar and set a time. It will change to match other people’s time zones whenever they look at it. You can also do [ date=YEAR-MONTH-DAY time=HOUR:MINUTE:SECOND timezone="COUNTRY/CITY" ]. Note that the time isn’t required, but a date is.

How to make a proper votecount:

So first line is | then u put the first description another one of those bars, second description and another bar. Then third description and final bar
Do the same thing on the second line but with the three dashes as each description -.
Then the third line and onward is the first again


| Accused | Voters | Votes|
| --- | --- | --- | 
| Player1 | Player2, Player3 | 2/3
| Player2 | Player1 | 1/3
| Not Voting | Player4, Player5

which turns into

Accused Voters Votes
Player1 Player2, Player3 2/3
Player2 Player1 1/3
Not Voting Player4, Player5

I believe that’s all that’s needed for now, if I missed something very important, please dm me (which can be done by clicking someone’s name and pressing MESSAGE) what it is and I will update this.


Moderators, feel free to edit this yourself if I’ve made a mistake.

As if you didn’t already know. It’s for newcomers to the forum.

Thanks for your input solic!

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I always use <small (you put another > at the end) with what text you want small here and</small( again > at the end) for small text like this

I made it a wiki, so everyone can contribute. Things like quoting a post on mobile/desktop are interesting for instance, but I already upkeep enough forum stuff, soooo have at it if you want to help new forum users. :slight_smile: You might learn a thing or two yourself.


Updated with basic votecount formatting


added an example of what it looks like

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fixed the example