Potato Trouble [Misc]

There is a room.
Inside the room, lies a potato on a table.



Pray to the Potato gods.

punch magnus

Kicks Eli.
Pick up the potato. See what happens.

The room is puzzled.

Your feet and hands start fighting with each other.

The room is puzzled.

You stop fighting and pick up the potato. The potato shrieks at you for picking it up, you uncivilised barbarian.

The potato is angry. It explodes.

That wasn’t an action - it was dialogue, but whatever.

Pick up the table.

You pick up the table.
The table is light. The potato rolls off the table. The things on the table slide off the table. It hits the ground. It shrieks in pain from a series of happenings that occur due to you picking up the table.

The table god is happy. But…

The potato explodes.

I look at what else is on the table.

There is a wine glass.
There is a fork.
There is a plate.
And there is a spoon.
And a bottle of champagne.


I piss on the potato


The potato shrieks at you breaking the law by watering your potato with your personal fluids.

The potato explodes from sexual harrassment.

I take the largest bite out of the potato I can without touching it before

You expect that to work?

It’s raw potato… hmm… not sure what to make of it, it’s… potato I guess.
Wait, what was t-

The potato x2 explodes.

How dare you eat the potato. The potato was screaming in pain

Using the fork, I put the potato on the plate.

You pick up the fork and stab it into the potato.

The potato flails in pain and explodes.

I flip the table incredibly quickly upside down and smash it into the ground crushing the entire potato near immediately

You flip the table and smash it into the potato.

Mash Potato. Hmm…
The Potato x 695692528106 explodes from being smashed into a pureé.