Pretender JOAT [Neutral Investigative]

To make a good neutral pretender I wanted to make a class that if you were to claim d1 you will most likely get lynched, someone who neither cult/unseen and BD can trust, instead of being asked to swap king’s vote and confirmed (unless EK, were you get lynched for not swapping). And Similar to how alch is just a better phys, pretender is just a better more confirm able princess, which is something I want to change.

But I don’t want to make another killer neutral, inq/NK are enough, and making a killer class with an extra gimmick has beginning to get a bit overdone (may be hard to make BD trust someone who can’t kill but wahay) . Also Pretender’s aims are a bit weird, the class isn’t about confirm ability, it’s about killing royal blood, which doesn’t really help Pretender in the long run, 1 killing a BD makes you untrustworthy, and 2 you gain no knowledge through Blood Test that is necessarily useful for Pretender.

Class Card


Neutral Support
Royal Blood(Passive) - During elections for a new king, votes for you count twice.

Princess Garment(Day) - Attempt to visit a player tonight, and learn their faction (3 Uses)
Royal Collaborates(Day) - Gain death immunity tonight(2 Uses)

Usurp(Night) -

  • Steal - If you successfully guess that player’s class, you will occupy the non-unique non-killer player tonight, stealing that ability and placing it into 1 of 3 will-o-wisps to be used on further nights, that player will appear as pretender for the rest of the game to investigators or if changed by Facade , if guessed wrong you will loose 2 uses. (4 uses)
  • Fabricated - You will be able to select one of your willow-wisps, if investigated you will appear as that class (1 use).
  • Facade - Select a player you have enchanted with a willow-wisp they will appear that class upon death.( 2 uses)
    Stolen Coronets - Use one of the willow-wisped players ability tonight, you will only gain information if the purpose of that ability is to investigate. (5 uses)
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What’s the win condition?

same as normal

Alright, how does her toolkit help her achieve her win condition?

Facade could be used to gain confirm ability, for example you pretend to be drunk, and say you made 7 target 1, then you could have them executed and you confirmed, also you can use stolen coronets to use abilities to make you look confirm able, in addition, princess garment could be use to find your enemies while also using an ability at night.

Rather not have a become king wincon class.

do you have any suggestions? after creating this class I realise its more of a survival neut more then anything, and not really that “evil”,