Pretending to be afk should not be allowed

It makes the game kinda cheap and boring when evils constantly do nothing on trial

Edit: I understand how impractical it is and I am now reminded from the comments that pretending to be reaped is sorta diffident than pretending to be afk.

This post can be ignored.

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I mean that’s the evil’s fault for using a bad strat eh?

But why remove a valid strategy in the first place? Why not just execute the afks?

There’s also the fact that banning this also bans pretending to be reaped which is mega eh


I don’t think banning the pretend-to-be-reaped strat is good

but besidess that this would also probably be super hard to moderate and differentiate between someone who genuinely went AFK for real reasons or faked it.


It’s called laying low. It’s technically not even “pretending to be afk”, because simply not typing doesn’t by itself mean you are AFK for either faction, since if someone has nothing to say they probably aren’t going to say anything.

I know I make a point to speak a lot, but that’s to facilitate my own more aggressive playstyle. A different player will have a playstyle that doesn’t involve as much speaking, and thus they can be expected to go several phases without saying anything. This goes double for new players who genuinely don’t know what they should be saying in the first place.

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Could we just not go AFK

It’s a fool guys

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