Question for FoL / FM players here that don't play ToL

hey, i have a question for forumers like myself who don’t really play ToL anymore (except under rare circumstances, at least)

do any of you feel that ToL is incredibly bland compared to FoL and FM?
after pouring 1,100 hours into ToL over 2 1/2 years, that’s how i feel, and why I decided to stop playing ToL, stop helping in the discord, and end my quest for attempting guideship

not sure how many other people feel like this, idk

I think that’s likely borne from smaller scale and much less variation

So it’s understandable

But if you really focus on reads then RTSDGs are still enjoyable imo

i’ve never played ToL with reads in mind (i only used mechanics and sheeping started by others others) and don’t think i’m capable of that

So that might be part of the problem

Likely, yes

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the only real fun i ever had in ToS was playing pirate
So that should tell you

Kyuss is that you


even super basic tells from FM are incredibly powerful in reading people in ToL because everyone is wrong about what’s wolfy

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i don’t think i’ve ever tried to socially read in ToL or a turbo game
i just find that i usually don’t have the time and usually mechanics are all that anyone else focuses on too

Literally you can catch the entire scumteam day 2

ToL is absolutely winnable purely on mechanics but you’ll win more often if you use basic social reads

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And then people lynch you for voting someone without having evidence


I love ToL


it makes sense that if that’s the case ToL would get old after a while

like, the fun part of playing BD in ToL is figuring things out yourself, not sheeping the fact that someone else has the gamesolve


i don’t think i’ve ever played ToL with a group that actively used social reads, at all.

Princess hardcarry potential underrated

Also just do it yourself tbh

No group required


I do but I mostly pretend the social reads I’m making are different from the reads I’m actually making because it’s easier to get people to sheep me if I say ‘5 was defending 10 and 10 was Unseen, jail exe 5’ than if I say ‘5 was hardpushing 4 as a counterwagon to 10 despite tacitly acknowledging that 10 was evil and 4 was a question mark, and carefully avoiding actually commenting on 10’

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They hated Arete because Arete told them the truth