Queue/Submit Discussion Thread

The creation of this thread is probably a good idea so that reasonable discussion regarding the state of the queue and/or FM / FoL on this site in general has a legitimate place to go instead of having nowhere legitimate to go, ending up in the queue thread, and annoying reviewers / mods

If you think you might ever have discussion to say about these things, bookmark this thread. I def am going to.


iirc this was already a thread and people didnt use it

maybe they’ll use it now

probably not

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Where are SFoL 67 and 68?

I reserved SFoL 69 because haha funny sex number

Grand Idea is deserving of the number

…I still find it weird.

Meh… What about the setup? If it’s just an idea, then this is boring before it even started.

Wdym by that?

I have the set-up, but it’s a closed set-up.


In that case, I look forward to it getting reviewed.

Hm… which period came after Greek?
…did they even have a period?

Dark ages->Rome I think

Wait, why was it called the Dark Ages?
@Icibalus, help.

wait no

Dark ages were during greece

Hellenistic age is when Athens decided they wanted to rule greece and did

then Persia took over(alexander the great) and then rome

I think

yes, that’s accurate
the Greek Dark Ages were after Mycanean Greece
then Hellenistic Age, centered around Athens, and mainly around their alliance against Sparta
then Alexander the Great
then the Romans show up and rob that corinthian colony in Italy, decide to follow the boats back, and conquer the whole place

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Why are there so many mashes lining up…? Like, it’s probably around 40~50% of the upcoming FMs, so it isn’t as if it’s too much, but it is a lot.

It is exactly what I said; a game where everyone is a Points Sacrificer.

is there lore stuff I need to know to co-host

(this isnt a request to co-host, though I may at a later time)