Reaper kills do not should total souls after reap

What happened?

I played as reaper, and the message in the chat window after I reap someone always says “you now have 0 souls” after a successful reap. Note that I was granted the soul, its just a visual bug in the chatbox.

Also, at the end of the game, it showed me as winning twice. There was a Sellsword (who was dead) who also won with me. So, when the game ended, and it was allowing us to select the MVPs, it showed in the chat box: Me (reaper), the SS, then me again

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

After a reap, it should show my new total number of souls.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be reaper
  2. Reap someone
  3. Check chat window when night is over and it will show the incorrect message


To clarify, two bugs here.
1 - visual bug when reaping someone always displaying “0 souls”
2 - When I won as reaper, it showed me twice as the people that were victorious

So you were the only one alive?

Yes I won that game, I was the only person alive at the end.